At The Back Door Of A Colorado House, A Cute Dog Encounters A Curious Mountain Lion

This is an interesting story shared by Sarah Bole, the owner of a cute puppy. The story is about her dog’s encounter with a mountain lion. The lion appears to have a friendly attitude towards the dog. This cute story traveled the world. Let’s see the story behind it and find out how it feels to photograph these two friendly creatures.

The Adorable Meeting Between A Dog And A Lion

What happens when you see an animal kingdom meet-cute?

On Thursday, Sarah Bole of Grand Lake, Colorado, went home after walking and found a big cat at her back door staring down inside at the pet. The animal was gazing down at the puppy, who was comfortably lying inside looking out through the back door window.

Bole published the video of her pet interacting with a huge cat she spotted outside on Facebook, and it’s gone viral with over 105,000 views.

The Adorable Meeting Between A Dog And A Lion

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In the video, you can see the large animal standing near the outdoor furniture, opposite the dog. After a few moments, while scratching at the glass door, the wild animal begins putting his paw against the dog’s face, which seems unbothered by this gesture.

While many others might be scared to be this close to a wild animal, this pet treats the encounter like meeting a new friend. The footage from the meeting shows the pup wagging his tail as the wild animal draws nearer. But his owner’s shouts for him to get back don’t faze him at all! The mighty huge cat approaches the glass and stares hard at this little pup – and I’m sure we’d all tremble in fear if we saw it up so close. Eventually, the lion walks away from the dog and returns to nearby woods.

The Adorable Meeting Between A Dog And A Lion 2

After the encounter with the wildcat, Bole told Storyful that she was shaken throughout the ordeal but never felt like the mountain lion showed any sign of being aggressive towards her or her pet.

She stated of the huge cat that it was just as interested as the pet to discover what was on the other side of the mirror.

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We hope you enjoyed our article about a dog meeting a mountain lion. It’s interesting that the pup is not afraid and is even friendly with the huge cat. Hopefully, you enjoyed this blog, and we look forward to your next visit to our blog page.

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