A Kitty Who Can’t Walk Gets An Opportunity To See The World Through A Clear Bag

In this crowded and busy world, there still remains a story that warms the cockles of our hearts. Naturally, we are always heartbreaking and frustrated when our beloved pets cannot move around. However, in the case of Sarge’s family, it turned out to be special and meaningful.

A Brief Of Sarge And Her Owner

A Brief Of Sarge And Her Owner

Sarge is a 2-years-old kitty who is unable to walk, diagnosed with a rare illness, but she is highly gregarious and loves humans.

Michelle Donlick came up with the idea of sending her specialty pet on field excursions in a see-through backpack to collaborate with Sarge’s love of people so that both people and animals can get to know each other better.

“I wanted to make Sarge feel like she was one of the gang, and with the backpack, she could see everywhere we were going” – The pet owner.

Sarge was born with a rare condition called HCP Syndrome, a congenital disability involving the cerebellum. This part of her brain controls balance, motor skills, and coordination.

“Sarge came to me when she was just a few months old,” Donlick says. “We immediately noticed she had medical problems and required special care.

I adopted her already, knowing that there would be extra costs involved as special supplies or equipment may be needed due to Sarge’s condition, but it’s all worth it because of how happy she is.”

Donlick runs the non-profit Avalo Cat Sanctuary in Aiken, South Carolina, caring for 353 cats with varying unique needs. Though Sarge’s health problems have forced her to rely on a wheeled cart, Donlick helps the feline get around by rolling her from place to place daily.

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How Can Sarge See The World?

How Can Sarge See The World?

Donlick says, “I looked to Amazon for a fun cat carrier like the one I had seen on Etsy. The backpack seemed like a more reasonable option than having her in a kennel on the plane. Plus, there were ventilation holes, which we thought were important with the temperature fluctuations.”

Sarge has been sightseeing a lot, visiting places such as the Charleston Market and shops surrounding Shem Creek. She has even taken some time to go to Sullivan’s Island for a day trip.

“We enjoyed lunch at a restaurant and went to the beach with Sarge in tow! We took her to Shem Creek a bunch of times,” Donlick says.

Sarge, the cat, lives at a sanctuary and enjoys backpacking adventures with Donlick the labradoodle. With two new dog backpacks in the mix, other special needs cats from the sanctuary will be joining Sarge on her next trekking adventure.

Final Thoughts

The touching story of Sarge and her owner left a deep impression on the people. Nothing is impossible, and we can transform the impossible into the possible as long as we put our effort and love into every action.

Like humans, animals desire to explore the world. So please treat your pets well, even if they are disabled.

We hope you can understand more about how to enjoy and make your pets happy through this story. Let’s respect every moment with your beloved cats and share this post with others to spread the message.

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