The Funny Moments Of Adorable Pomeranians Can Make You Happy

If you're having a bad day, the adorable Pomeranian moments in this article will probably make you better.

Pomeranians, commonly known as Poms, are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, second only to Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. Although Pomeranians are petite in stature, he has a very active and playful personality. Because of that, this dog often has very funny and adorable moments that can make you melt in an instant.

Pomeranian And Cute Accessories

"Haven't you ever seen a multicolored buffalo?" Pom asked

Pom lion

The Wind Is So Cool That It Ruffles All The Hairs

A Little Pomeranian

Yawning But Being Photographed

Going for A Walk on A Day With Great Weather

Is This Wink Enough to Melt Your Heart?

Pom Or Flower, Who Is More Beautiful?

I Told You I Didn't Want to Take A Bath!

Tried to Hide It But Got Discovered

Pomeranian Gentlemen

Being Kissed for The First Time by A Girl Is So Much Fun

Pom Loves Snow

Mom, Remember to Tell Her to Cut My Hair Beautifully

Mommy I Want to Play With You

Treat Or Trick

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