Adorable Short Legs Cat Pictures Will Make You Are Stun By The Mind-Blowing Beauty Of Them

The Munchkin’s short legs are the result of a genetic mutation. Kittens in the same litter can have varying lengths of legs. Typically, the front legs are a bit shorter than the back legs. You won’t believe the cuteness overload of these adorable short legs cat pictures, which feature the unique breed of cat with short legs and long bodies. Due to their squat appearance, many people have referred to Munchkins as the “Dachshund” of the cat world.

Kitten Munchkin

kitten munchkin 8 kitten munchkin 9 kitten munchkin 6kitten munchkin 7kitten munchkin 5 kitten munchkin 4 kitten munchkin 3 kitten munchkin 2 kitten munchkin 1 kitten munchkin Adorable Short Legs Cat Pictures

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Short Legs And Long Hair

long hair long hair 1 long hair 3 long hair 4 long hair 5 long hair 6 long hair 7 long hair 8 long hair 9

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Short Hair

short hair short hair 1 short hair 2 short hair 3 short hair 4 short hair 5 short hair 6 short hair 7 short hair 8 short hair 9 short hair 10 short hair 11

Image Credit: Istock Photo

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