Adorable Wiener Dogs That Will Make You Dachshund Down to the Pound to Get Your Own

Whether you call them hot dogs, sausage dogs, or wiener dogs, here’s one thing we can all agree on: Dachshunds are insanely adorable. With their pointed snouts, floppy ears, and trademark long and low-slung bodies, they’re one of the most recognizable dog breeds out there. Adorable wiener dogs have long hair and some have short, but most Dachshunds share the same playful, peppy personality and vigilant nature. They’re also known for stealing hearts — just ask any Dachshund owner

Dachshund Puppies

Dachshund Puppies 8

Dachshund Puppies 7

Dachshund Puppies 6

Dachshund Puppies 5

Dachshund Puppies 4

Dachshund Puppies 3

Dachshund Puppies 2

Dachshund Puppies 1

Dachshund Puppies

Adorable Wiener Dogs Sleep

Cute Wiener Dogs Sleep 3

Cute Wiener Dogs Sleep 2

Cute Wiener Dogs Sleep 11

Cute Wiener Dogs Sleep 4

Cute Wiener Dogs Sleep 5

Cute Wiener Dogs Sleep 6

Cute Wiener Dogs Sleep

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Dachshund on car

Dachshund on car 6

Dachshund on car 5

Dachshund on car 4

Dachshund on car 3

Dachshund on car 2

Dachshund on car 1

Dachshund on car

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Dachshund At Beach

Dachshund At Beach

Dachshund At Beach 1

Dachshund At Beach 2

Dachshund At Beach 3

Dachshund At Beach 4

Dachshund At Beach 5

Dachshund At Beach 6

Dachshund At Beach 7

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