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This article helps you answer "Can cats have bread?" and what you need to do to get the best care for your beloved pet.

As the tagline explains, it's not a pet you should take lightly. Cats are like small children in many ways, except that they're more selective, picky, and complicated. And they don't have an ordinary digestive system. 

So you have to watch out when it comes to feeding them, as this blog will answer one of the most common questions from our readers: "Can cats have bread?".

Can I Feed My Cat Bread?

This kind of food is not as dangerous as it seems if you are thinking about giving it to your pet, so the answer is YES! However, although some cats love to eat these foodstuffs, it might not be the best thing you could be feeding to your feline. 

It is usually a good source of carbohydrates; the truth is, too much bread can cause your feline to become overweight. According to some studies, a slice of this food provides 1/5 of the calories needed per day, not to mention that this foodstuff has no other nutritional value.

The best thing you can do is limit the amount your kitty eats. 

It can get a few carbs from the product, but no more than it needs. It is also important that you limit the number of other carbohydrates that your feline gets.

Can Newborn Cats Eat Bread?

Same as "Can cats have bread?", the subject this time is kittens.

Some people say that giving this food to kittens is fine, but the fact is that it is not true. Kittens will have difficulty digesting this foodstuff because they have very sensitive digestive systems. 

So it is advised to keep them away from eating this product until they reach one year old. You'd better give your furry friends some special kitten food that is designed specifically to meet their nutritional needs.

Ingredient Breakdown

When we talk about this product, it's very necessary to know how each ingredient affects your beloved pet so that you can get a detailed answer to the question, "Can cats have bread?".

Can Cats Have Bread? - Bread

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Flour, baking powder, and baking soda

These components in this food are safe for this animal. However, they will become a concern if your cat ingests them raw. The first consequences they might encounter are digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea.


Like people, too much sugar is bad for this animal. Sugar can cause obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, and even tooth loss in them. The natural sugar in fruits and vegetables is good for them, but refined table sugar in bread is not.

The best thing to do is keep your furry pet away from any food with sugar. 


Wheat is not healthy for this animal if consumed in a high amount. It gives them indigestion and can lead to other health problems. 

They can develop some digestive disorders caused by hypersensitive reactions to the wheat, resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms. 


Yes, eggs are a great source of protein for them. It contains all essential amino acids, which can repair damaged tissues. 

It helps in hair growth in the follicles and produces vitamins for the body. It is a great way to get your feline to get the required nutrients into the system without gaining weight.


Some veterinarians would tell you that butter isn't something we need to feed our furry friends because it's high in fat. Still, it will not do them any harm if you give them a moderate amount. 

In addition to the main ingredients above, this foodstuff also contains small amounts of oil, salt, or nuts. They are considered harmless to your pet. So the key to all problems is "just the right amount"!

Can Cats Eat Banana Bread?

Can Cats Have Bread? - Banana Bread

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As you've already known the answer to "Can cats have bread?", then let's take a look at another ingredient: banana.

Bananas contain a very high level of fructose, a form of sugar that could cause obesity or diabetes. The by-products of this fruit will also release huge amounts of acid, and if it's consumed in large amounts, it can be dangerous for your four-paw friend.

Bananas also contain tannin, which is a substance that can cause a lot of problems for cats. 
Although it's not harmful to cats if they ingest banana cake, absolutely do not let eating this food become a regular diet. It's not certain whether this is harmful to them or not, but at least it's better to be safe than sorry.

Other Related Questions

Can I feed my cat biscuits? 

Can Cats Have Bread? - cat biscuits

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We also have this query asked by many readers along with "Can cats have bread?". 
The answer is Yes. However, you must check out the quality and the ingredients of the biscuits before giving them to your pet. 

You should avoid biscuits with added sugar and preservatives. Instead, go for the raw biscuits made up of natural ingredients. Break the cake into pieces for them to chew. 
It is not advisable to give your cat biscuits every day, though.

Can they eat pizza crust? 

Pizza is generally acceptable for feeding your feline; however, try to avoid the ones with too much cheese or vegetable toppings if you feel this might be a problem.

When you plan to feed them pizza, make sure the food isn't too hot, then he can possibly burn his mouth. So it would help if you cooked it for some time in a safe place for the animal.

How about peanut butter?

Can Cats Have Bread?  - Peanut butter

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Yes, they can eat peanut butter. It is a very good source of nutrients for them. When your furry friend is worried or anxious, things like fish oil, the good fat in peanut butter, can help them feel better. It's also a good source of protein. 

If you're going to choose peanut butter as your pet's treat, choose a creamy peanut butter that is low in sugar.

However, too much of an ingredient is bad, even if it's a good one. So, be sure not to feed them too much peanut butter.

Final Thoughts

Your four-paw friend has become the most important part of your life, and you love them dearly. Taking care of a kitty is a full-time job, and you do your best to ensure that your cat is happy and healthy.

We also hope that "Can cats have bread?" pet guide can help you use this information to make more informed decisions about the food you feed your feline. Feel free to visit our website if you want more pet topics!

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