Can Cats Have Strawberries? - The Answer Your Cat Needs!

Wondering: "Can cats have strawberries?” This article will help you answer for your pet to have a yummy side dish.

When raising a pet like a cat, food for them will be your big concern because you need to determine what foods are good or bad for their health. 

Strawberries are considered a favorite food for people because of their delicious taste. But if you are worried that "Can cats have strawberries?", this article will provide you with information related to this topic and some notes when you feed your pet strawberries.

Can Cats Have Strawberries? 

Many people ask, "Can cats have strawberries?" or not. The answer is absolutely yes, but the nutritional value they bring to your cats from eating strawberries will not be the same as humans. 

Although strawberries contain carbohydrate components such as potassium and fiber, cats' digestive systems can absorb protein-rich foods such as fish and meat, while carbohydrates will be absorbed less. 

Therefore, functional foods marketed with animal-based ingredients would be used as staple foods for cats rather than plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables.

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Although it is still completely allowed to feed your cat strawberries, but should only be in moderation, do not overfeed. Because the digestive cat's system does not absorb well, the cat's health is affected, leading to intestinal diseases.

Can Cats Have Strawberries Yogurt? 

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Yogurt is a food that brings many good benefits to humans. But they contain a fairly high amount of sugar, which is not good for the cat's digestive system. Even so, you can be completely assured when feeding your cat strawberries yogurt. 

The healthy bacteria found in yogurt through fermentation also provide your cat with unexpected benefits. Yogurt made with whole milk will have a completely different taste than yogurt with added flavor. 

You can let your cat try out one of several flavor combinations to suit your cat's preferences. Especially when yogurt is combined with strawberries, their taste is very special, but you need to pay attention to the amount of sugar they bring. It would be best to use fresh milk without sugar.

Before giving your cat strawberry yogurt, you need to test a small amount to see if they cause any discomfort to your cat. If your cat shows any intestinal problems or is uncomfortable, stop feeding them strawberry yogurt.

Can Cats Have Strawberries Ice Cream?

Can Cats have Strawberries? - Strawberries

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If your cat is interested in the taste of ice cream, you can rest assured that they can eat this type of food. But it’s likely other foods high in sugar; ice cream can be bad for your cat's digestive system when fed too much.

Ice cream contains a lot of artificial sweeteners, especially strawberry ice cream, although their delicious taste is great. In particular, Xylitol is the most typical sweetener used to make strawberry ice cream, and this substance adversely affects the digestive system of animals.

Cats will easily be attracted to the fatty taste in ice cream if you let them enjoy it in a sufficient amount. It's good to choose a strawberry ice cream with fresh milk or natural ingredients instead of other high-sugar flavorings. 

Can Cats Have Strawberries Jam? 

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When you make sure your cat doesn't suffer from diabetes and wants to eat strawberries as their favorite food, strawberry jam can become a special treat for them. But the important note is this food should only be a side dish and cannot replace the main meal which contains protein for cat’s health.

Furthermore, you should choose an unsweetened strawberry jam, and it is not made from artificial sweeteners to ensure the best health for your cat. Your cat will show interest when you feed them side foods such as strawberry jam beside the main meal.

In total, the answer to “Can cats have strawberries and its treat?” is a yes, but with a moderate level. 


What fruits are unhealthy for my cat?

Although the answer to the question is "Can cats have strawberries?” is a yes, it does not mean they can eat all types of fruits. Here are a few fruits you shouldn't let your cat eat:
Cherries: Although these fruits taste great, they contain trace amounts of cyanide that are very harmful to your cat.

  • Grapes and raisins Grapes: You should not let your cat eat this food because they cause bad symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, coma for them.
  • Green tomatoes: Cats can eat a small number of ripe tomatoes, but their digestive system cannot digest the substances in green tomatoes. Besides that, leaves and vines can also negatively affect your pet’s stomach. 
  • Stone Fruit: You can let your cat eat fruits like peaches or persimmons in a moderate amount. But it would be best if you were careful that they shouldn’t eat the seeds of these fruits. You need to remove all seeds before letting your cat eat, or it can be fatal to your pet.

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What to keep in mind when feeding my cat strawberries? 

If one day, your cat accidentally eats a slice of strawberry on the floor, or they accidentally take it from your fruit plate to eat. 

Then you don't have to worry because this will not affect their health. After all, cats can eat strawberries like humans. 

But there will be a few small notes for you when actively letting them taste strawberries. First, you need to know if your cat has some disease like diabetes or not.

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Strawberries contain a large amount of sugar, so feeding diabetic cats strawberries will negatively affect their health. The second thing you need to consider is the number of strawberries you allow your cat to eat. We all know that animal foods high in protein are the main food of cats.

So it would be best if you did not give them too many strawberries to replace their main meals. Otherwise, your cat's digestive system will have problems, and they will become uncomfortable. In this case, you need to bring them to the veterinarian or pet care center for immediate help.


Some information in the article can help you answer the question "Can Cats Have Strawberries?". 

You do not need to worry too much when your cat accidentally eats strawberries because they can completely eat this food. Besides, your cat can eat strawberries in varieties of type foods such as strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, or strawberry yogurt. 

However, you need to be aware of the sugar in these foods. It will not be good for your cats to overfeed or suffer from diabetes. Let's consult with veterinarians to ensure the best health for your pet.

Thank you, and we will see you soon!

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