Can Dogs Eat Spam? - What You Need To Know!

You are wondering "Can dogs eat Spam, and is it good for them?” Today's article will be perfect with some useful tips and information for you! Let's dive in!

Most of you also know your dogs must have a high protein and moderate fat in each diet, which is why dog owners regularly think about meat products first. For this reason, they may feed them Spam. 
Spam is unsafe for your dogs to eat. If you still don't know and are looking for the reasons, 
Keep reading "Can dogs eat Spam?" to learn what detrimental impacts this canned food has on your canine friends.
Can Dogs Eat Spam?
Although spam is made from six ingredients, which are not toxic to dogs, the answer to “Can dogs eat Spam meat?” is a no. You are highly recommended not to feed them Spam because of the great risks, which sounds similar to a contradiction.

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If your dog eats Spam, there will be many consequences that your pet can suffer as follow:
Salt poisoning
So, how can Spam harm your dog's health if it doesn't contain any toxic ingredients to it?
Spam Lite
Can dogs eat spam lite, although it has fewer calories than other kinds? Well, you should also not feed your dog this kind of Spam.
There are 70 fewer calories per meal. You can incorporate ham with chicken to reduce the calories instead of pork for your dog. Additionally, Spam lite has more additives than normal Spam.
Low Sodium Spam
Spam has less than 25 % Sodium and exactly similar ingredients to Spam Lite, which has more calories. 
The incorporation of ham and chicken is sodium spam, making it less sodium. However, it may be too high with your dog. 

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Turkey Spam
It is the least dangerous for your dog of all kinds of spam on our article. Two ounces of Turkey Spam still has 520mg sodium. 
A good dog weighing 33-pound needs to eat 100mg of salt per day. Every two ounces of Turkey Spam has five times the good amount of salt in other kinds of Spam.
Cooked Spam
You are wondering, “Can dogs eat cooked spam?”. Unfortunately, you can not find any healthy methods to process the Spam for the pet. Regardless of frying or heating Spam in the microwave, the amount of salt is too much for your pet to eat. 
Remember to keep spam far away from your dogs and never put it in their food.

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Can Puppies Eat Spam?
This question is stupid because a mature breed can't stand the bad impact, so how can a puppy tolerate it? You should find many safe and rich-nutrient treats available for them rather than feed your puppy spam.

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 What Are The Reasons Behind It?
The high amount of Salt in Spam is harmful to a dog’s health
Spam can contain up to 790mg of salt, which is eight times the allowed salt daily for your dogs. If your pet suddenly consumes full of a Spam can, it can be salt poisoning. 
In this case, the best way to decrease the bad effects of sodium-ion poisoning, to make sure to place freshwater near your pooch.
The high amount of Sugar in Spam is harmful to dogs’ health
Spam can contain one gram of sugar. Our puppy’s treats or foods really should have too much sugar, which can cause:
Weight gain
Dental issues
Blood diabetes 
Sugar spikes
Tartar buildup
Explosive diarrhea
Consuming excess sugar can harm your dogs because these acids in dogs' mouths, which the bacteria produce by using sugar, can increase and cause dental problems.
Sodium nitrite can cause blood disorders in dogs if consumed in high doses
Sodium nitrite is used as an additive to preserve food for dogs. The high doses of sodium nitrite will harm your dogs.
If they eat more than 19.8 and 7.9 kg/mg of sodium nitrite per day, our canine friends may get a blood disorder or methemoglobin.
Potato starch does not provide any nutritional benefit to dogs
One of the great kinds of food for dogs is potatoes because of the reasons below:
Maintain blood pressure well-balanced
Avoid cardiovascular disease
Actually, potato starch is a binding agent in each dog’s serving, providing mainly carbohydrates and few nutrients.
Alternative Of Spam 
This canned product is processed highly and may cause many bad situations:
Many more
Therefore, dog owners should find alternatives, yet there is no wholly match substitute for Spam.
Because each serving of every dog is different, you should visit the vet once. You can refer to the best alternatives listed below. 
Cooked fish 
Beef jerky (no additive) 
Plain meat
My Dog Ate Spam. What Should I Do Now?
Assume in some cases you don't pay attention to, for example, after your party with your family or friends, there are leftover cans of Spam, and your dogs ate them.
Calm down! Give your dogs a lot of water first, and consult the closest vet center immediately if you see any unusual symptoms or signs; otherwise, your canine's life will be threatened.
As you know, Spam is rather cheap food, so many dog owners love and regularly share it with their pets. These canned products seem to be a good choice because their main ingredient is meat.
But after reading through the "Can Dogs Eat Spam" article, the high doses of sodium and fat can detrimentally affect dogs' health. You should find healthier alternatives than giving Spam to your canine companions for the reasons mentioned.
Thank you for reading!

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