Pet Care Guide: Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate?

This blog will focus on the common myths or concerns about "Can dogs eat white chocolate?". Read on to find the answer!

This cocoa product is delicious to enjoy and can make a delicious dog treat as well. The problem is your pet needs to avoid this food. It is toxic to our pets, and eating these cocoa products can be fatal. 

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Yet, not all these sweets are dangerous since there are many different types. Some say they can have small amounts of white chocolate, while others say they can't eat. So, can dogs eat white chocolate?
Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate?
Sadly, just like dark and milk, white chocolate is also a no-go for our four-paw friends. It is because these cocoa products contain theobromine content which, as you may know, your pets can't digest, and at a specific level, it could even lead to life-threatening situations. 
Also, this sweet contains caffeine which means that it's not safe for your pets to consume by any means, without exception. Then, you should have known can dogs eat white chocolate, shouldn't you?
The more bitter and darker it is, the more lethal it causes to our pets. 130 to 450 milligrams is the amount of theobromine found in one ounce of dark chocolate, while the milk has about 58 mg per ounce. Caffeine is also proportional to the purity of cocoa.
If you've accidentally fed your pet one of these types, you should watch out for symptoms that may appear after ingestion, including shaking, vomiting, and seizures. 
White chocolate contains significantly less theobromine (at about 0.25 mg/ounce), it is still possible for our friends to experience dangerous side effects from eating too much of it. However, white chocolate is probably a safer bet for our friends than milk or dark types. 
How About White Chocolate With Macadamia?
Can dogs eat white chocolate macadamia? This combination is known to be toxic to puppies. You should never give your dog any treats that contain them because one bite could mean a terrible fate for your dog if the signs of poisoning occur. 

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How About White Chocolate Chips?
Although just a small amount of white chocolate is fine, we all know that it is very difficult to control a dog's appetite! So, the answer to can dogs eat white chocolate is still a no in this case!
Nevertheless, additives like fat and sugar in them can put your four-paw friend at risk of becoming overweight which creates many health issues over a long time.

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How About White Chocolate Ice Cream?
A plain vanilla ice cream that has no chocolate or other additives might be the safest choice for the moment.
Though white chocolate is potentially the less toxic kind, do keep in mind that our four-paw friends are not humans and that there is much we do not know about what may or may not be upsetting their stomachs.
Can White Chocolate Cause Death?

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What will happen when my dog eats white chocolate? Does it die? The answer will depend on your dog's size, age, and how much he's been eating at the time.
The ratio of theobromine consumption to the dog's body weight is the determining factor. Puppies are less able to digest this toxicity.
When you notice any unusual symptoms in your pet, you can understand that they have been poisoned. 
How Much White Chocolate Is Suitable To Feed A Dog?
There isn't a specific amount, but there should be none!
If you can't resist the allure of your dog begging for a nibble of the sweet, don't give in because even a single bite can have many side effects. 
They may enjoy the taste and texture, but they do not possess the ability to metabolize excess amounts of minerals or fat, causing severe vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and even death if not taken care of immediately.
Other Problems To Concern About?
Although theobromine is a lethal factor for our pets, because this type does not contain too much of it, in case your pup does not eat too much, it will still be safe (but please, keep these cocoa products out of their reach!). 
However, there are more worrying ingredients in these sweets:
Fat from cocoa butter, margarine is the problem. Your pets can vomit or have diarrhea. The fat will put their digestive system under a ton of stress, leading to other issues; the most severe is pancreatitis.
The product packaging must display the question "Can dogs eat white chocolate?" and a clear warning stating it should not be consumed by dogs or other animals.  
Its toxicity is largely due to the high sugar content. It can cause heart issues and diabetes problems or even lead to urinary tract infections or kidney problems.
What Will Happen If My Dog Eats White Chocolate?
Though you've already known the answer to the question "can dogs eat white chocolate?" what if your pets accidentally eat them? What will happen?
If your dog exhibits symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea, it could be because of a gastrointestinal upset. 
Or if because of the fat load, their pancreas gets painful and inflamed, they are looking at serious medical conditions like pancreatitis and even fatal consequences. 

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The symptoms are:
Severe vomiting
Restless and no appetite (because of pain)
These effects can occur with only a single bite or two, which should be reason enough not to let your babies have any extra pieces.
A typical treatment includes intravenous fluids, pain control, and feeding tube placement.
If a dog has pancreatitis once, it may have it again later in life. It is important to prevent another attack of pancreatitis, so you need to control the amount of fat in your diet.
What To Do?
Contact the vet immediately! Monitoring can be tricky because theobromine can take a while to appear in the dog's system, but once it does, that means you're dealing with a pretty serious situation. 
Clinical signs will show up within a few hours and linger for several days.

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The cure is to make them vomit right after the consumption and then bring them to the vet, so time is the major factor. 
Your vet may use activated charcoal to prevent theobromine absorption. In cases where poisoning is mild and not serious, it may be all that's needed to address this kind of situation.
Dogs are known to be curious animals, which can lead to them eating things that they shouldn't. 
While it's true that white chocolate is not lethal to our friends, it's important to understand that it still has side effects and is meant for human consumption. Therefore, you should keep it away from any pets you have. 
If you have any other questions or concerns about can dogs eat white chocolate, be sure to contact your veterinarian or a professional dog trainer.

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