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Aoshima also known as Cat Island, is an island in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, known for its large number of feline residents. Felines have been reported by news outlets to outnumber humans by ratios between 6:1[2] and 10:1,[3] but as elderly inhabitants of the island have died, the ratio has greatly increased to almost 36:1. Felines were introduced to combat rodents on fishing boats, but remained on the island and reproduced in large numbers. The feline inhabitants of Aoshima are fed by food donations from all over Japan. The cats also eat the small creatures of the island and some food from visitors.

Cat Island Pictures will show you the cats in the island with cute faces, chubby body and many things cute other

Cats Meeting

Cats Meeting Cats Meeting 1 Cats Meeting 2 Cats Meeting 3 Cats Meeting 4 Cats Meeting 5 Cats Meeting 6 Cats Meeting 7

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Cat Island Pictures Take A Nap

Take a nap Take a nap 1 Take a nap 2 Take a nap 3 Take a nap 4 Take a nap 5

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Cats On Island

Cats On Island Cats On Island 1 Cats On Island 2 Cats On Island 3 Cats On Island 4 Cats On Island 5 Cats On Island 6 Cats On Island 7 Cats On Island 9

Cats On Island 8

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Cats With Tourist

Cats With Tourist 4 Cats With Tourist 2 Cats With Tourist 1 Cats With Tourist

Cats With Tourist 3 Cats With Tourist 5

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