20 Cats With Blue Eyes That Are Beyond Beautiful

Cats with blue eyes have some of the most beautiful eyes in the animal kingdom, but when they’re blue they’re particularly striking. Because they don’t develop eye pigmentation until they’re about six weeks old, all kittens are actually born with blue eyes, but it is rare to have them as adult cats. Perhaps, why they are so intriguing? If you want to adopt a cat that keeps those baby blues into adulthood, your best bet is to pick one of the following breeds: Balinese, Birman, Himalaya,…

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Sphynx Cat Blue Eyes

sphynx cat blue eyes sphynx cat blue eyes 1 sphynx cat blue eyes 1 sphynx cat blue eyes 3 sphynx cat blue eyes 4

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Cute Blue Eyes

cute blue eyes cute blue eyes 1 cute blue eyes 2 cute blue eyes 3


cute blue eyes 4

Image Credit: Istock Photo

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