Clever Dog Picks Up and Throws Away Human-Left Litter

If you think animals do not have any awareness to protect the environment like humans, you are totally wrong. In reality, animals, especially dogs, always have high consciousness of what happens around them.

Let’s read the Millie story, which was about the action of a dog with her owner to join hands to protect the environment for a better future.

Clever Dogs Picks Up Trash: Overall Story

Millie Training Journey

Millie Training Journey

The 80-year-old Alfie Kitson, who lives in the UK, has a mission that just might become your new favorite animal story.

Upon his revelation, this senior citizen (who was thought to be at least 100 years old) has teamed up with Millie, his 5-year-old pet poodle, to help clean up some of the very street corners in Herefordshire.

After moving back to England with his family from Spain after spending 20 years there, Kitson adopted Millie from a local shelter. Millie had been abandoned in such a garbage bag attached to a tree branch since she was only eight months old.

After setting Millie up with a new home, Kitson noticed his dog and a soldier performing the trick in a playground in Málaga. Wanting to get Millie to do the same, Kitson started working on getting the dog to jump on top of the soldier’s shoulders.

He began putting a bin, similar to the ones used in public spaces like parks. He gradually increased its height as the dog learned to drop items inside. Fortunately, the Hereford’s bins were the same size to help Millie show off her talents when she relocated to Britain.

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What Did Millie Do After Being Taken Care Of By Kitson?

What Did Millie Do After Being Taken Care Of By Kitson?

A clever dog has been making the neighborhood around her home more beautiful and clean by picking up trash and placing it in the rubbish bin.

Spanish Millie has been trained to help Kitson tidy up by looking at a piece of rubbish on the floor, then pointing at it and saying, “Trash!” Millie would then take the offending material, carrying it to a nearby bin and dropping it in.

Millie has become a regular fixture in downtown Hereford where she can be seen cleaning up after her human neighbors as they fail to dispose of their rubbish correctly.

“Millie is an extremely smart dog that seems to love her little magic trick,” Kitson, an ex-plumber from Herefordshire, claimed to SWNS.

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Final Thoughts

From the story above, we do hope that you appreciate your beloved dogs more. A dog is a bonding experience for any owner who loves animals, and this love can never be co-opted or transferred to another individual. It can help us protect our environment by small actions.

Let’s enjoy the moments you spend with your family and your beloved pets and don’t forget to share this post with them to spread the message.



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