Do Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed? How To Rub A Cat’s Ear?

If you are looking for a clear answer to the question "Do cats like their ears rubbed?" This article is for you.

When you touch the ears of cats, he will often startle and make you think, "Do cats like their ears rubbed?"

Petting and scratching are common ways for cats to get attention. These touches can not only soothe and relax your cat but also help him "get to know" you with his scent.

However, some cats do not like being petted in the ears or anywhere on the body. So, read the article below to find out the most obvious answer to this problem.

Do Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed?

Do cats like their ears rubbed? The answer is yes. Most cats love to be petted in the scent gland areas of their face, such as under the chin, around the cheeks, and the ears are no exception. This action helps stimulate your cat's scent glands and keeps these areas tidy. In addition, the hair behind the cat's ears is often a gathering place for fleas. So rubbing or scratching this area can help ease your cat's infection.

Do Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed? How To Rub A Cat’s Ear? - Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed

However, every cat will have different petting preferences. For example, some cats like to be petted on the ears, but others don't. Therefore, you must try petting the cat in different places and see his reaction.

Should People Massage Cat's Ears?

Massage is a way to help stimulate the nerves, muscles, circulatory and lymphatic systems in cats. This enhances oxygen supply and helps remove toxic compounds that cause pain to cats. In addition, massage also allows cats to treat illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

When massaging the cat's ear, you need to gently massage the base of the cat's ear and repeat the same with the other ear. During the massage, you should also check if the cat's ears are bleeding, red, have an unpleasant smell or swelling. If you notice pain or inflammation in your cat's ears, see your veterinarian as soon as possible so they can look deep into your cat's ear canal and make an accurate diagnosis.

How Do You Rub A Cat’s Ear?

If you can answer the question "Why do cats like their ears rubbed?" then it will be straightforward for you to make him comfortable by petting his ears. 

However, if you are engaging with a new cat, you should start by scratching and patting the top of his head gently.

Do Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed? How To Rub A Cat’s Ear? - Cats Like Their Ears RubbeCats Like Their Ears Rubbed 1

After that, gradually move your focus to your cat's ears. Rotate your fingers around each of his ears softly. In addition, some cats also love to be gently rubbed inside their ears.

If the cat is comfortable and interested, he will purr and press his head or body part he wants to stroke into your hand. However, it would help if you were very careful to avoid injuring the cat.

Do Cats Like You Touching Their Ears?

Because the answer to the question "Do cats like their ears rubbed?" is an absolute yes. Therefore, the cat loves to touch his ears.

Purring and squeezing you with his front paws or keeping his tail upright and wagging from side to side are common signs that your cat likes you to touch his ears.

However, not every cat will be friendly enough to allow you to pet his ears or other body parts. So, if your cat is turning away from you, biting, scratching, or shoving your hand out with his paw, you should respect his boundaries and stop.

Which Positions on The Body Do Cats Like to Be Petted?

In addition to the cat's ears, cats also love to be petted by other body parts. 

The first is the chin. In cats, this is a popular place for petting. Gently scratch or rub down the underside of the cat's chin along the curve of the jaw and neck when caressing in this area. If the cat is interested, he will rub his tip on your hand.

The forehead and cheeks are also where cats love to be petted. Cats often headbutt and rub their faces on items he likes to leave a scent. So, cats love to gently scratch his cheeks or rub along the base of his ears and forehead. 

The petting way that cats often love is very simple. First stroke the base of the cat's ears and forehead, then stroke over the top of the head and down the neck. In addition, you can also gently stroke from the nose to the cheeks and end below the ears.

Besides, some cats also like to be stroked the length of their back. You can run your hands over his back from head to tail, always moving in the direction of the fur. The cat can raise his tail or arch his back in a straightening action if he is interested.

When you first get a cat, you won't be able to guess exactly where he likes to be petted. However, over time you will gradually discover, maybe when you put out your hand or finger, the cat will use the part he wants to be scratched and stroked to rub your hand.

Where Do Cats Not Like Being Petted?

Besides the places where cats love to be petted, some parts that cats will feel uncomfortable when you touch.

Unlike dogs, cats don't like being touched by his belly. Although a relaxed and calm cat may not mind letting you gently rub his belly. However, if the cat feels distrustful, he will bite or scratch with his hind paw when you pet him in this area.

In addition, the inside of the hind legs is also a place that you should limit touching when petting the cat. This is a sensitive area for most cats, and cats often do not like to be petted here.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Cats Enjoyable When People Rub Their Heads?

Cats love to be petted on the head because this is an area they can hardly reach. Therefore, you can give your cat a head stroke to help him relax. In addition, cats often use their heads as the main way to rub and mark scents. As such, when you touch this area, your cat will feel as though he is bonding because he is allowed to show his scent and mark you.

Why Do Cats Seem to Be Uncomfortable When People Pet Them?

"Why do cats like their ears rubbed?", maybe because he is trying to mark you. However, some cats don't like attention when petting, so there is no need to worry. You can still find other ways to get your cat's attention, such as treats or toys.

What Does It Mean When My Cat Rubs His Head on My Head?

This action is commonly known as bunting. When your cat rubs his head against yours, he tries to put his scent on you.

Do Cats Get Excited When Hugged And Kissed?

Although to the question "Do cats like having their ears rubbed?" the answer will be yes. However, cats only love to be petted, not hugged and kissed. The reason the cat doesn't like it is simply because he can't understand this human expression.

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