The Touching Story Of Dog Has Front Legs Amputated

The story about the extraordinary energy of a dog has front legs amputated will probably move you.

Noel is a lovely little dog. She loves all the things a regular dog wants: napping on the couch, playing with other dogs, and jumping on the bed to play with its favorite humans. Noel's life has always been filled with happiness until a dark cloud covered Noel's entire life one day at the end of November. A terrible car accident happened in California, and it caused the dog has front legs amputated.

That day, Noel was quickly taken by a kind Samaritan to Kern County Animal Services in Bakersfield, to the dismay of Nicholas Cullen, the facility's director.

The doctors enthusiastically saved Noel. The first option offered was the dog's leg brace. However, the situation is not very favorable. "After re-examination, one of the fractures became infected and needed to be amputated," Cullen said.

Ten years ago, the animals that arrived at this facility didn't have much of a chance to survive. Things have become murky if the pets have severe medical conditions. Even so, according to Cullen, medical advances have led the facility to go from killing about 70 percent of its animals to saving 70 percent of them.

"Since then, we've established a completely different organizational mindset," says Cullen, "we've always worked to the very end to save every single animal that comes our way."

According to Cullen, she said she'd heard so many beautiful stories of compassion and lifesaving efforts being made in homes across the country, and if only people knew about how hard it is for the staff of animal shelters every day to save the lives of poor pets, they will completely change their mind and may even decide to volunteer or donate to such organizations.

Back to poor Noel, the shelter staff tried their best to get her back to her normal life. One of the supervisors even brought Noel back to her house for a while to take better care of the dog.

Noel's story went viral and became known to more people, including Zach Skow, founder of the nonprofit dog rescue group Marley's Mutts. So a month ago, he decided to take care of Noel's case.

According to Zach Skow, dogs are capable of doing much more than humans recognize, just like humans. Extraordinary energy will help us overcome difficult situations.

However, just two days after Noel arrived at her new shelter; her medical condition worsened again. Although Noel's remaining front leg was initially salvageable, Skow faced a difficult decision when the veterinarians who cared for Noel had now advised that she needed another amputation or would have to be euthanized to maintain life.
With Noel's courageous gaze, Skow decided quickly that amputation was the right option.

Finally, a miracle happened. Poor Noel made it through the surgery and is now perfectly healthy. Now, she has a new companion, a dog wheelchair, so she can move freely like a normal dog.

Unable to hide her happiness, Skow wrote on Instagram: "Noel has amazed me with her approach towards life. She is moving right along — no pity, no hesitation, no regrets. She has a disability, but it's not going to prevent her from being happy. We can all take a page from her little book."

One of Skow's neighbors has applied to adopt the adorable dog. But that's not what Skow is thinking. He has another plan, which is for Noel to be trained to work with Marley's Mutts therapy dog ​​program. That will help Noel wonderfully inspire everyone through the energetic story of the little dog.

Skow's empathy is understandable, given that he was addicted to alcohol and drugs about a decade ago and was saved by dogs. Now, he is doing his best to repay this affectionate species and deliver a positive message of intense vitality through Noel's case.

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