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Dogs, our loyal friends since they were tamed by humans thousands of years ago, are becoming a member of our family nowadays. If you are a dog owner, you might have been familiar with puppies licking their counterparts. 
That is why you should find out "Why Is Dog Licking Other Dogs Ears?" This article will solve not only your main concern but also other related queries.
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Why Is Dog Licking Other Dogs Ears? 
Your furry friend's behavior might be based on various factors, some of which may be interrelated. Many factors may be considered while trying to determine the root cause, and many things could be done about them.
We list out a few plausible reasons for "Why Is Dog Licking Other Dogs Ears?" so you might have some insight into your pet behavior.
Because a dog cannot lick its ears, other puppies will do that on its behalf. The main reason your furry friend licks the ears of your other dog may be because it assists your other dog in grooming itself.
In addition, if your other dog also does that in return and if your dog licks your other dog in other parts like its back, this has a high chance of occurring.
Signs of Love
One of the really common motivations for a dog to lick another dog's ear is to express friendliness. It's very plausible that your pet licking is doing so to meet a buddy. It's similar to our handshake when meeting each other.
The reason for love can strongly affect a dog licking other dogs ears in fact!

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Respectful Expression
As a symbol of respect, one dog may taste the ears of its counterpart. In most canines, communicating among the pack as dog licking other dogs ears is a natural part of their nature.
The dog licking the alpha's ears may show its submission to the dominant, or the alpha may be rewarding a subordinate for a well-done job.
Attention and Communication
This may be a ploy by one of the dogs to grab the attention of the other. It is common for one dog to lick the other's ears to wake them up if they are asleep.
To entice the other dog into playing, one dog may lick their ear.

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The word of the experts is saying that ear wax is quite salty, so we'll accept it at face value. Many people say that canines just like this taste and will go to great lengths to get their hands on it. What a weird case of dogs licking other dogs ears, right?
There is a risk that the dog may start grooming its owner's ears if they become used to this habit.
Sensing the unusual
Another reason to answer “Why Are Dogs Licking Other Dogs Ears?” is that other puppies might suffer from ear infections.
The discharge from infected ears has an unpleasant odor, attracting other canines. Check the other dog's ear for evidence of infection if your dog has suddenly developed this tendency.
A health catastrophe may have been avoided thanks to your dog's assistance if you've seen anything.
In addition, If a puppy is experiencing a health problem like sunstroke, another dog may lick the ears to bring comfort and keep it from passing out.
Performing a quick examination of both canines to check for any health issues that should be considered is always a smart idea.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Letting Your Dogs Licking Other Dogs Ear?
Canines should not get addicted to licking their ears, but moderate ear-licking is normal and does not do any harm.
However, dog licking other dogs ears infections are possible if your pooch touches its friend's ears with tongue continuously. Other dog's ears will be covered in saliva, which is fertile land for bacteria to develop exponentially.
And that will lead to otitis externa, an infection of the external ear canal.
To prevent any bad consequences from happening, wash the ears of the licked dog and keep them dry. 
How To Stop Dog Licking Other Dogs Ear?
It's ok if your lovely furry pet wants to taste its friend's ears. However, If the frequency becomes so dense, take your pup to another place where he can not see another puppy. You can distract them by giving them toys or some treats.
Furthermore, you might consider putting on the chain leash and tying it somewhere until it behaves properly later. If your puppy can not stop the action of dog licking other dogs ears even after that, the bitter spray might be the last resort. It would be best if you sprayed it on the offended dog's ears.
Why Has My Dog Suddenly Started Licking My Other Dog's Ears?
If your Dog Licking Other Dogs Ears action is spontaneous, fret not as it is just a way to play, share, and show love with each other. Or you can check the licked puppy to make sure everything is fine with it.

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And our article has come to an end, and we believe that you have already found the answer to this question, "Why Is Dog Licking Other Dogs Ear?" and satiate other curiosity of yours. 
In general, It is totally fine if your furry friends spontaneously lick other canines' ears because it is an act that they communicate and care for each other.
However, if this behavior is repeated with a high frequency, you must consider setting them apart using the methods I recommend above. And, of course, if the scene gets heated up, the bitter spray is our last choice. 
And that's all we want to share. Thank you for reading, and have a happy time with your pup.

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