Dog Receives Titanium Prosthetic Legs: Save A Dog After Amputation

Have you ever heard about Monika? This rescue dog receives titanium prosthetic legs after she gets an amputation. Her story is below! Scroll down to read!

Monika is a Russian pup rescued by veterinarian Sergei Gorshkov. After getting an amputation, the dog receives titanium prosthetic legs. Below is her survival story. Let's read it now! 
Monika's Survival Story 
It was in the small town of Plastunovskaya, Russia, where Sergei Gorshkov rescued this pup. All her paws bore got serious injuries, so the veterinarian brought her in for special care. 
Unluckily, there were no treatments to keep her extremities. So the doctors transferred her to Krasnodar for a blood transfusion and four-leg amputation. 
Two shelter workers, Alla Leonkina and Marina Gapich took care of Monika. As they didn't know what to do, they started asking for suggestions about how to keep on caring for the pup's well-being. 
The majority of vets told them to put this poor puppy down, except one vet who recommended special treatment for the pup. 
Veterinarian Gorshkov Gave Monika A New Life 
Sergei Gorshkov is a Novosibirsk-based veterinarian. This terrific vet has performed more than 37 surgeries since 2015 to provide prosthetic legs for amputated animals. Nevertheless, Monika was Gorshkov's first dog patient. 
As the surgery cost $5,400, Alla Leonkina and Marina Gapich decided to raise a fund and enlist Gorshkov's assistance. Finally, the vet not only saved Monika's life but also brought her a new life. 
At first, the vet was unsure if there was anything to be optimistic about. He was also not sure if she could lead a normal life. However, he was shocked when the puppy responded with prosthetic legs.  

A little dog could stand up and start walking around his clinic on the third day. She looked quite comfortable with her new extremities from room to room. 
Where Shall The New Legs Take Monika? 
After getting the prosthetic legs, the loving pup will start to work with an animal behaviorist based in London. She helps them sort through some traumatic events that lead to her new terrific extremities. 
It does not seem to be a question if she can become a helpful companion or not. Now, all the effort is to find a nice family for her rather than other things. In fact, they hope to find her a family where the members understand well prepare to care for and love her.
Frequently Asked Questions 
1/ Has Veterinarian Gorshkov Ever Saved A Pup Like Monika? 
No, she was his first pup patient and was the first to get prosthetic legs after amputation. 
2/ What Should I Do If My Puppy Has The Same Mobility Trouble?
You should take them to the vet and ask them for solutions. They will instruct you on how to save your puppy. 
You've already got the survivor story of Monika - a dog receives titanium prosthetic legs. What do you think of her future journey? Have you heard any other stories that a dog with prosthetic legs can continue a normal life? Let's share with us!  

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