Fleeing War Can't Leave Pets Behind: Cruelty In Peacetime

Several people have left Ukraine during the tense period with Russia. What about their pets? This blog is about people fleeing war can't leave pets behind!

Looking at the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, you might think that pets will be the least of your worries if you need to escape. But for some Ukrainians, that is not the case. They can't leave without their animal friends, and fleeing war can't leave pets behind.
There are pants and jackets dotting the periphery edges of the areas affected by War. The farther the residents go, the harder it is to manage to carry their items (or leave them), so they leave them behind in their rush to leave or drop them off on their way out. 
However, one item generally avoided from being abandoned is that of a pet. Pet owners tend to carry their animal friends around with them, regardless of how hard it is. 

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Fleeing War Can't Leave Pets Behind
We are all well aware of the mass exodus from Kyiv's outskirts to escape the vicious Russian invasion. Conditions have rapidly worsened, leaving people with few options other than to flee for safety. 
The refugees crowded in chaotic lines to pass a collapsed bridge. Most of them carry little or no luggage with them; some even abandon their vehicles so that they can be able to escape faster. However, they never even think about leaving their animal friends.

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One woman carried her pup across the bridge on the Irpin River. Another girl in Poland nuzzled her ginger cat among the chaos at a station. In the makeshift ballroom-turned-refugee shelter, a senior woman clasped her white dog in her arms and collapsed from exhaustion.
In the Siret, a young mom sipped with her child as she carried her Chihuahua in her arms. A young lady and two Chihuahuas shared an aluminized blanket and hugged each other tightly as they crossed into Medyka.
As soon as the explosives and missiles started raining down, Victoria Trofimenko knew it was time to make a quick decision about what was important to protect. 
She said she felt obligated to protect all of her family members, not only her daughter and mother but also Akira and Galileo – her dogs and cats. Victoria bought many train tickets to head to Prague, and she was thankful to have her fluffy friends along during her journeys. 
It was a decision she says she doesn't regret, as she rested her head against her beloved dog Akira and thanked him for guarding over her during what has been an arduous process. 
Bottom Lines    
The Ukrainian War has created a tense environment for its citizens. In the end, many people decided to flee with their pets rather than leave them behind. 
The story of the War in Ukraine has shown that the love for animals can cause people to make difficult decisions, such as fleeing their homeland for a better life for their pets. 
We hope that the story of people who are fleeing war can't leave pets behind has helped you put into perspective the importance of pet ownership. Now, we bet you have learned a valuable lesson from this story!

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