It Is How A Girl And Puppy Bonded Over Their Mutual Deafness!

Dogs are considered a man's best friend, but what if both parties are deaf? This is a story of how a girl and puppy bonded over their mutual deafness!

Deaf pets are often left at shelters or put down by their owners due to the misconception that they are difficult to take care of. But this story is different because the owner is also deaf. It's about how a girl and puppy bonded over their mutual deafness!

Girl And Puppy Bonded Over Their Mutual Deafness

Our main character, a lovely puppy named Walter, was a member of Pasadena Humane - an animal adoption and rescue organization - in 2015.

When Pasadena Humane's staff saw him, the first impression was that he was a bright-eyed, energetic pup, standing out with his snowy fur. When time passed and the pup grew older, the team realized he had hearing issues; Walter could not hear!

The organization wanted Walter to have a home, so they searched for a family who could take care of him because of his special situation. They posted pictures of what he might look like on Facebook in hopes that they would attract the right family. And it worked!

Almost immediately, they heard from a family who was certain that they wanted to look after Walter, and it was Chrissy Vasquez. The uniqueness of Julia - her 10-year-old daughter - being deaf just added to this already amazing story. After meeting the puppy, it soon became apparent that this encounter was meant to be.

It was such a long time ago that Chrissy took her daughter inside her arms for the first time after birth – sensing that she couldn't hear and just smelled her neck. It happened again with Walter; the little pup started snuggling up with his new parent, smelling her neck and waiting for a pat.

Once the puppy joined their household, the relationship between 10-year-old Julia and her doggy was inseparable. Walter lived with Julia and grew to become a loyal and loving member of her family.

This Is How A Girl And Puppy Bonded Over Their Mutual Deafness

Source: CBS17

He could not keep his distance from Julia, staying by her side throughout the day and even during homework. The pair spent the weekend playing in the backyard while Julia taught Walter some sign language about basic commands, like sit, water, and food.

Their very special connection was shown in a video on many famous shows, such as Good Morning America, "Today", People Magazine, etc. Julia expressed that her puppy meant everything to her in the moving video, and he's her best buddy.

This Is How A Girl And Puppy Bonded Over Their Mutual Deafness

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Since then, we have remained in touch with their family to have a recent update about them. Undoubtedly, their continued relationship seems only to be getting stronger with time!

A couple of years ago, Julia was diagnosed with having diabetes as a type 1 sufferer. Her deaf dog was at her side and proved to be very useful in helping her stay healthy in the future. Surprisingly, they were told that Walter had diabetes and would require insulin treatment.

However, the two of them are doing great so far in their treatment! For Chrissy, the path they shared proves how truly inseparable they were all this time.

Julia, now 16 years old, enjoys getting up in the mornings to attend high school each day, and that's because she's accompanied by her faithful dog Walter, who also waits patiently while she finishes her homework. On the weekends, the pair play soccer together, and at Christmas time, they have a family tradition to travel around town.


This relationship seems almost impossible, but this story about a girl and puppy bonded over their mutual deafness is living proof that it's possible.

We hope that this article can help you learn more about the human-animal bond and how it can be such great joy in your life! Please comment below and let us know what you think about this story. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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