In Roger Williams Park, Guinea Pigs Were Discovered Unattended

Park rangers roamed around Roger Williams Park found these adorable guinea pigs. Providence Animal Control is looking to find new homes for these ten guinea pigs. Scroll down this post to discover more about these rodents.

What Is A Guinea Pig?

In Roger Williams Park, Guinea Pigs Were Discovered Unattended

Guinea pigs are social companion animals who require daily interaction with others, and when held, they purr. Though technically classified as rodents, they are not dangerous to people or other guinea pigs because, like rabbits, they eat only plants (they do not have any teeth). When happy, their unique way of expressing it is by jumping in the air and doing somersaults (this trait is called popcorning).

They are soft, gentle, confident critters that like to play outside their cage or hang out on your lap while you interact with them. Guinea pigs enjoy eating greens such as parsley, kale, carrot tops and grasses, and other healthy foods such as whole-grain pieces of bread or breakfast cereals.

Abandoned Guinea Pigs In Roger Williams Park

Guinea pigs found abandoned in Roger Williams Park

Providence Animal Control is looking for homes throughout the city for ten abandoned guinea pigs discovered in Roger Williams Park.

Earlier this week, Providence Animal Control discovered the piglets in a box beside the Roger Williams Park Softball Field.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not easy to let go sometimes, but Providence Animal Control said this isn’t the answer in a social media post.

The Providence Animal Shelter requests that no-kill shelters and rescue groups care for some of their guinea pigs. The shelter in question wants to transfer those potential breeds of rodents since they may end up pregnant soon.

It’s uncertain whether police are actually looking for the person who left the guinea pigs.

12 News attempted to contact Providence Animal Control for further information but received no response.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the guinea pigs found abandoned in Roger Williams Park. It is a sad reality that these types of situations take place all too often in the world. Hopefully, the ten guinea pigs will be safe and find a new home! If you’re interested in adopting a Guinea Pig, don’t hesitate to contact the local animal shelter.

Source: WWLP

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