Hero In Real Life – A Cat Saves A Baby

We love heroic characters in novels and movies, but few people have the bravery to behave like them in real life. However, recently, an act of heroism occurred that made us all appreciate and feel cute: the sight of a cat preventing a baby from falling down the stairs.

Falling may be a nightmare for families that live in flats with stairs and have small children. Children can suffer significant injuries because their bodies are not robust enough to resist the force of a fall. They may sever limbs, damaged bones, or suffer brain traumas. It’s a shambles.

And recently, a terrible situation nearly occurred to a family, but luckily, the family’s cat – Gatubela – was able to prevent the calamity from occurring.

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Hero In Real Life - A Cat Saves A Baby

It was a video made by Fundación Gatos Bogotanos en Adopción, a Colombian cat rescue group, that became popular on social media.

A baby crawls out of his bed and toward the door, out the stairs, in the 45-second video. Gatubela got out of the sofa opposite and attempted not to let the infant take another step as soon as she observed something peculiar.

Because of this, the baby was spared because he would not have been able to move without collapsing, facing the long and dark steps. Many people might claim that the cat was just having fun, but we don’t think so because she returned to the room as soon as the infant did.

Many researchers have shown that an invisible connection between humans and them will arise when interacting with animals for a long time: love. Perhaps this is the source of Gatubela’s heroic actions. She deserves praise, and I’m sure she’s glad the baby is safe too.

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Hero In Real Life - A Cat Saves A Baby

Many internet commenters have referred to this as a “real-life Catwoman” since she saved a life. This film has undoubtedly inspired many individuals to do more good, contribute more to society, and care more about those around them.

We breathe a sigh of relief as we gaze at these photographs, glad that the baby is safe and grateful that there is still so much wonderful going on around us.

Spread the love by sharing the video with as many people as possible; it will brighten someone’s day.

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