How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog: Useful Tips For Dog Owners

You don't know how to calm a sexually excited dog? Here is a comprehensive guide with tips to handy your little four-legged buddy! Pocket right away!

Let's begin by noting that dogs redefine the meaning of "love" and aren't afraid to show it. Especially when you have house visitors around, your dog suddenly starts humping and mounting on your legs. We all understand how awkward it is.
Continue reading for a  handy guide on how to calm a sexually excited dog!

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How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog: Release Their Energy
There are several activities that can be used to exhaust your dog. When they're sexually aroused, this will aid in keeping them under control. 
The greatest method to burn off your dog's energy is to make sure you take it for a regular stroll. This will keep it fit and healthy and will also put a stop to any erotic cravings your four-leg friend might have.

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Having a fun game of fetch with him/her will also be beneficial. All you have to do now is make sure him/her isn't around any other dog since this might cause him/her to get more sexually excited.
Give Your Dogs Toys To Play With
Humping is a dog's common instinct, so don't let him/her get away with it. In most cases, your dog would be delighted to switch to a new source of diversion. Give your dog something to play with, especially when she/he is stuck indoors. The more enjoyable and interesting the toy, the better your pet will become. 

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There are several options to choose from. As a result, it's critical to understand which will keep your dog occupied. Treat distributing toys are another excellent interactive toy for this purpose. You can fill it with your dog's snacks.
Having Your Dog Carry Out Simple Commands
When your dogs are sexually active, shift their attention to something else instantly. You can request to perform simple commands like sit, lie down, bark or rollover. It can distract them and stop their urge to hump.
After that,  if they cooperate, remember to praise them and give them a little treat. It will help them understand what they're performing isn't acceptable over time. It will also encourage excellent habits.
How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog: Ignore Them
Ignore your dogs or keep their mouth shut that the action isn't encouraged. Dogs may see any reaction from you as a good result of their action. 
If your pets start humping suddenly, simply leave the area quietly. Avoid direct eye contact with them, and don't pat them if possible.
Delicately communicate that this action does not merit your focus, and your dogs may eventually learn to quit. Furthermore, if your little friends continue to follow you out of the area, you will have disrupted their current activity.
Allow Your Dog To Take A Break
If your dogs are readily distracted, a time-out may help them relax. This is useful when they can't quit humping or mounting on everyone.
You can lead your dogs to a quiet location, free of toys and distractions where they may be alone. A time-out should be no more than 1-2 minutes. Make sure your dogs aren't behaving badly while doing so, such as barking or whimpering.
"Time-out" is a form of reprimand. However, it is not as horrible as you may imagine. It gives them a chance to calm down and think about what they've done.
Give Your Dog A Treat After They Have Calmed Down
Even when they're sexually enthralled, they'll eventually calm down. This might happen after a fun walk or games. Alternatively, it might be the effect of your time-out or exercise. 

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After your dogs have calmed down, give them a little and praise them. You're telling them that you appreciate their positive behaviors when doing this. This will guarantee that your dogs are calm and won't hump things around them.
Keep Your Dogs Active Daily
If you don't know how to calm a sexually excited dog, take them for a longer stroll every day. Overall, the more activity your dogs receive, the less anger, stress, and, humping you will notice in their actions. 
Include a selection of activities in their daily routine and ensure that your exercises are physically and cognitively interesting. 
You can choose physically taxing activities such as walking, swimming, running, and wrestling. Assist them with intellectually hard activities as well. They'll have a lot of fun playing hide & seek, developing new skills, and looking for rewards.
If you have many dogs, try to vary your strolling schedule by not walking your male and female ones simultaneously.
Put Them Through Training Camps
Specialists can assist you in improving your dog's misbehavior quickly and effectively. Put your dog in canine training camps.
Look for training sessions in your neighborhood or ask around for recommendations from other dog owners. Ask the trainer for specialist guidance when you enroll your dog.
How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog: Consult Your Veterinarian
An underlying medical condition might be causing the hunching and mounting. Hormone abnormalities, for example, might amplify this type of action. See a veterinarian if your dog isn't responding to teaching and reward strategies.

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You'll be able to figure out what's starting to cause the actions; then, you can find out if there's a significant problem. Mounting may be either a sexual or a playful action, and both are legitimate.
Keep Your Female And Male Dogs Away From Each Other
When your female is humping, it can signify that she's still in heat. This can significantly impact male dogs, increasing in sexual activity and even aggressiveness.
If this is the case, keep your dogs away from each other. You can seek support from a neighbor, friend, relative, or professional dog caregiver. Plan ahead of time because a female dog's heat usually lasts between 2 to 4 weeks.
How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog: Spaying and Neutering
Neutering your dog ought to be your final option. If you plan to breed dogs in the future, you really shouldn't select this solution. This method is only performed on fully mature dogs.
Dogs that have been neutered or spayed have been observed to have fewer sexual urges. As a result, this will aid in soothing a sexually excited dog.
Knowing how to calm a sexually excited dog needs your full concentration and even some effort. Each of the above suggestions should be considered to help you soothe your sexually aroused buddy.
Handling a sexually aroused dog can result in various behavioral changes, including your dog being aggressive. This might be difficult for you, but it can be even more challenging for our little friend. So we hope this article has provided you with enough information you need!

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