How To Clean Dog Eye Boogers: Top Tips For Dog Owners

Eye boogers can affect your dog's vision negatively. This article will show you how to clean dog eye boogers effectively. Let's check it out!

Every dog lover needs to know how to take care of their dog, especially the area around the dog's eyes. Even the smallest particles can cause harm to your dog's eyes if not cleaned properly, so it is very important to know how to clean dog eye boogers effectively.
Eye boogers are frequently found around your dog's eyes every morning, which can be unpleasant for your dog. If you see your dog trying to rub their head against you, they are probably trying to get rid of the goop. They can not do it by themself, so you will need to pay close attention.

Dog eye booger
But what causes your dog to have eye boogers, and how to clean dog eye boogers effectively? Let us find out right now!
Normal Dog Eye Boogers
It is normal for dogs to have eye boogers or gunk covering their eyes as dust and mites accumulate around your dog's eyes from running around all day. Normal boogers are often found in the corners of the eye or under the eyelid, in the color gray or tan.
Usually, the accumulated layer of boogers is thin and easy to remove. However, if the boogers have some weird color (red, yellow, or green), or they become too thick and frequent, it can be a serious issue. If you notice uncommon gunk around your dog's eyes, he likely needs medical attention.

Normal boogers
Causes Of Dog Eye Boogers
Like human eyes, dog eyes produce tears when they come in direct contact with materials such as dust, sand, smoke, or even a string of eyelash hair. Epiphora occurs when your dog does not stop dropping tears excessively, which means something is stuck in the eye.
This situation frequently happens, as every small thing can clog up your dog's eyes and cause it to tear non-stop. The tears dry up around the eyes with dust, forming a thick layer of booger that can be difficult to remove.
If the said particle clogs the eye for a long period, your dog's eyes can swell up, making it difficult to open, which can cause serious injuries for your canine.
Conjunctivitis is also known as Pink Eye, caused by various types of bacteria, fungus, or viruses that infect your dog's eyes. This type of booger is more dangerous for your dog, so it is best to seek medical attention at the vet as soon as possible.
If you notice yellow or brown dots in the layers of booger around your dog's eyes, along with uncommon behaviors such as constant itching and blinking, your pet has likely been infected. You should not use any medicine or object to interact with his eyes without instructions from the vet.

Keratoconjunctivitis (Dry Eye)
Another cause for your dog's unusual booger layers is insufficient water to protect your dog's eyes. This is the most dangerous type of booger because it leaves the eyes open to foreign particles without water to wash them off.
When the tear glands are affected by some reason (injuries, diseases, bacteria, etc.), they cannot provide enough water to clean the eyes, causing dry eyes. Other reasons that lead to this state can be a side effect of medicine or anesthesia.
Usually, the layers of boogers caused by dry eyes are white-gray and crusty. Though they look easy to clean, it is very unsafe if you don’t know how to clean dog eye boogers improperly, as it can lead to blindness. Therefore, you should seek advice from the vets.
How To Clean Dog Eye Boogers Properly?
Knowing how to clean dog eye boogers without causing many unpleasantries for your dog is very important. If the booger issue is too serious, it is best to take your dog to the vet and ask for the right way.
The following methods can help you clean dog eye boogers at home easily:
Dogs are very playful. After a long playing session in the backyard or a walk in the park, you need to clean their eyes carefully. It is recommended to keep a designated washcloth specifically for your dog. Be sure that the cloth is soft and smooth.
Before cleaning, apply warm water to the washcloth. Try to keep your dog company by patting its head softly while gently wiping around its eyes, from the eyelashes to the eyelids.
If the booger layers are hardened, you can apply some water to soften them before wiping them off. Remember to clean from all angles.
Aside from a washcloth, you can also use a sponge to clean your dog's eyes. Never use paper towels, cotton, or napkins to clean because paper particles may get stuck inside the eye, while cotton can cause harm to sensitive skin.
Q-tips and Tissues
Q-tips and tissues can reach deeper corners of the eye to remove particles; however, you need to be extra careful, as your dog may wiggle or jump around. You can ask someone to hold your dog steady while cleaning to ensure safety.
You can use other verified cleaning products to apply to the tissues. Try to wipe gently, using water at a warm temperature. Do not press too hard to remove hardened gunk; instead, wipe around the area to apply moisture and slowly clean it.
It would be best not to use cheap tissues or Q-tips either. Under-quality cleaning products can leave particles and chemicals in the eyes, which can cause harm to your dog.
Booger Cleaning Tips
If you have recently owned a dog, you may find it difficult to know how to clean dog eye boogers properly. Here are some tips to quickly get yourself used to the task:
Avoid the eyes' surface: try not to interact with the pupils; if the boogers float to the surface, make your dog blink a couple of times to get rid of it.
Do not use wet wipes: Wet wipes contain chemicals or alcohol that can be dangerous to your dog's eyes.
Take a bath: Taking your dog to a shower helps remove boogers significantly. However, keep its eyes from shampoo, soaps, or non-dog-friendly products.

Dog shower
As man's best friend, your dogs need to be carefully treated at all times. Knowing how to clean dog eye boogers is important to keep them healthy and enjoy life booger-free. Be gentle, and your dog will be able to feel its owner's love for him.

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