How To Cut Dog Nails Guillotine? – The Ultimate Nail Trimming Guide For Dog Owners

Pedicure care is surely not as easy as you might think because it requires some techniques and tricks. What are these tricks and techniques, then? Let’s learn how to cut dog nails guillotine properly through Morehappawness!


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Our lovely puppies as family companions today are a product of our ancestor’s thousands of years of domesticating wild wolves.

The nail or the claw of your puppies is one of the remaining features of the dog’s ancestor after changing both behavior and appearance. This feature of our four-legged friend is integral for dogs in movements and for owners to determine their pet’s health and happiness level.

Therefore, pedicure care for your dog is an easy and essential task for dog owners to keep their companions healthy. Read on to find out how to cut dog nails guillotine properly!

What Is A Guillotine Nail Clipper?

The guillotine nail clipper is a pet grooming equipment used to quickly and effectively trim down dog nails without the risk of causing harm to your dog.

The two main components of the gadget include a high-quality fixed blade in the shape of a ring and placed perpendicular to the handles. The remaining component is another moving blade that will slide down over the surface of the fixed blade when the handle is pressed.

The working mechanism of this type of nail clipper is similar to that of a guillotine.

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How To Cut Dog Nails Guillotine?

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Overall, trimming down your dog’s claws is not as easy as you would think. It is advisable to take your time and not do this in a hurry not to provoke or accidentally cause harm to your dog.

If you haven’t had experience using a guillotine before, you might need to practice in a small area or a piece of paper to get the feel of it.

With that out of the way, let’s go over the process of clipping dog nails using a guillotine nail clipper in the next section!


It is crucial to prepare your guillotine nail clipper before getting down to business. It would be best if you made sure that the size of the clipper is appropriate to your dog’s nail to avoid excessive and imprecise cuts. On top of that, dull blades on a clipper can be dangerous, so be sure to choose a brand new clipper or sharpen both blades beforehand.

Before you start chopping down those unwanted lengthy nails, you need to get your dog comfortable with the tool first.

Sit down next to your dog and begin holding the dog’s paws while talking to your dog and giving treats. After that, introduce the dog to your clipper, let it sniff, and play with it. You can also give your dog treats to loosen it up and get familiar with the tool.

Start Trimming

Once the dog is comfortable and calm, you can now begin to cut its nails. Place the guillotine cutter around the part of your dog’s nail you would like to cut and press the handle in one swift and solid movement. The bit should fall right off.

Start with the tiny bit of the nail first before moving on to a larger one to minimize excessive cuts and potentially hurt your puppy.

Soften the edges

Here comes the final steps you must learn on how to cut dog nails guillotine!

Once you’re done cutting the claws, the pedicure procedure is not over yet. You need to file down some rough edges on the nail that the clipper left behind using a filer. This simple step will prevent your dog’s nails from sticking to clothes, bedding, or toys and give the nail a smoother look.

Why Should You Cut Your Dog’s Nails?

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There are several benefits in health and appearance in keeping your dog’s nails neat and short.

Long nails can be painful for your dog when they go for a walk. As the dog’s paw makes contact with any surface, the long nails will be pushed back to the nail bed and put pressure on the toe joint, potentially twisting the toes to the side if this persists over time.

On top of that, having overgrown sets of nails can be uncomfortable for your dog to walk on, causing it to shift its body posture abnormally. The previously mentioned joint pain can also cause this unusual posture.

How to cut dog nails guillotine – Tips On Cutting Dogs Nails

After you’ve learnt how to cut dog nails guillotine correctly, let’s take note of some useful tips!

Be sure not to cut into the quick inside your dog’s claw, as the blood vessel that runs through the middle of a dog’s nail can cause harm or bleeding.

When you’re cutting the nails, make sure your movement is executed quickly, precisely, and without hesitation, as your dog can move unexpectedly, especially when scared, leading to a bad cut.


How Often Should You Cut Your Dog’s Nails?

In general, you should try to give grooming care to your dog every few weeks, but this can be affected by the breed of your dog, some breeds might grow their nails faster, and some grow them slower.

Which way do you cut your dog’s nails?

It would be best to place the nail in the clipper so that the solid plate on the clipper is facing your dog at around 45 degrees.

How to get your dog to stand still while cutting?

It would help if you started getting your dog comfortable and familiar with the guillotine clipper. Alternatively, you can give your dog medications such as Benadryl, melatonin supplement, or other natural relaxants to help calm it down before a pedicure session.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have just introduced you to the guillotine clipper and how to cut dog nails guillotine regarding the cutting procedure, and also giving tips on pedicure care for your dog.

Overall, the process is not too complicated and can be a safe and inexpensive way to cut your dog’s nails at home without the help of pet veterinary services. This is not to mention that you get to spend more time and take care of your favorite companion yourself.

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