How To Heal Dog Prolapse At Home? All You Need To Know

Dog prolapse can be very painful for your dog, but luckily it is something that you can treat at home. All you need is some time and the right knowledge.

So How To Heal Dog Prolapse At Home? This writing will help demystify the dog’s prolapse and provide some tips to help you treat your dog at home. Let’s start with Morehappawness!

How To Heal Dog Prolapse At Home Naturally?

How To Heal Dog Prolapse At Home Naturally
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What Does Prolapse Like?

Prolapsed is a condition in which the final part of a dog’s intestinal tract, its rectum, protrudes from its anal. In dogs, the rectal tissues turn outside-in and appear like a tube or cylinder of pink tissue staying out of their anus.

The condition tends to occur most often in farm animals like cows, pigs, or sheep but is also present in small animal family pets such as cats, dogs, and rabbits.

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Before learning how to heal dog prolapse at home, you need to know the symptoms of rectal prolapse. There is usually a balloon-like appearance in your dog’s vargina area as well as persistent straining when trying to defecate.

However, before you come to any conclusion about such a condition, it’s best for you or your veterinarian to be sure about what exactly is going on by performing the necessary medical tests and diagnostic procedures in order to rule out other potentially more serious but less common conditions.

Such tests may include stool samples, blood workups, x-ray imaging, or ultrasounds – so make sure that you follow all of your veterinarian’s instructions and ask any questions you might have along the way if something seems unclear.

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How to heal dog prolapse at home? Well, you can have your dog do Kegel exercises to build up the pelvic floor to support the weak vaginal tissue. Constipation can be avoided by eating high-fiber foods and drinking plenty of fluids when possible.

Heavy lifting, pushing, and bearing down should be avoided because they will cause further damage to vaginal tissues. Coughing may also help induce a bowel movement, so it shouldn’t be suppressed.

You should have your dog lose weight if they are overweight or obese as this will make everything easier on their brain, heart, and body in general!

How to heal dog prolapse at home – Timeline To Heal Prolapse

You can expect your dog to feel better daily. In the first week or so, you may get tired quickly and need pain medication for a week or two. Full recovery will take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks if an open surgery procedure is utilized and 1-2 weeks if a laparoscopic or vaginal procedure occurs.


Could A Prolapse Heal By Nature?

No. The prolonged prolapse of the bladder is known to worsen as time goes by. Surgery treatments might be essential in the worse case.

What Is The Price For A Dog Prolapse Treatment?

How Long Might A Prolapse Fix Might Last?
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The scope, which can often be taken from a health clinic to your dog’s home, will cost around $200.

Expensive procedures, like incontinence or prolapse repair, are covered by insurance if deemed necessary by the veteran.

Usually, manual reduction is cheaper than surgery due to the simplicity and ease of correction compared to resection due to the number of sutures needed and the technical expertise to quickly put everything back into place.

Is It Possible To Push Back a Dog’s Vaginal Prolapse?

The vaginal area has a very noticeable appearance—an obvious mass protruding from the vulva. This type of tissue associated with some forms of prolapse can often be replaced manually and pushed back into place. In this case, you use a soft, warm, and wet cloth applying gentle pressure to push through the opening anal.

What Wrong With the Prolapse Of Your Dog?

Staring down on the ground while defecating is the culprit in cases of rectal prolapse in dogs. This is because dogs’ eyesight is close to that of humans, and this particular position makes a dog’s intestine compress or bend unnaturally when it creates stool.

Veterinarians believe that persistently straining can also worsen with time, so it’s important to resume normal toilet habits as soon as possible!

How Long Might A Prolapse Fix Might Last?

As mentioned earlier, the average follow-up time was 136.7 months (range 75.8 – 258 months). However, this is an aggregate figure for all patients we have treated for those symptoms.

Looking at the table in our research article, you’ll see that each patient had its own unique set of circumstances contributing to our treatment strategy and outcome.

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What Might Be The Results For Untreated Prolapse?

What Might Be The Results For Untreated Prolapse?
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If you don’t take steps to address prolapse symptoms, it can get worse over time. In rare cases, it can lead to other complications such as kidney damage or urinary retention (inability to empty your dog’s bladder).

When most people think of prolapse, it is a female dog reproductive health problem. However, most dogs experience this condition at one point, regardless of gender. The symptoms of female dog prolapse are much more distinguishable and easier to spot.

Signs include urinary incontinence, straining to urinate, and lethargy. These symptoms can be easily confused with other female dog reproductive health problems, so it’s important to take your dog to the vet when you notice these symptoms in your pet.


As we all know, dogs are our best friends. We take care of them and love them more than our family members. But we often forget that these cute animals have their health issues. One of the most common issues that dog owners face is dog prolapse.

The scary part is that you can’t even recognize it. So, we hope this writing on how to heal dog prolapse at home has helped you out.

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