How To Massage A Dog To Poop? Effective Hacks For Your Pet!

Have you ever had a dog? If you have, you must wonder how to massage a dog to poop as this annoying problem often occurs to dogs. When dogs have an unbalanced eating diet, they easily get digestive disorders, especially constipation. That’s when you need to massage to help them poop quickly.

There are many massage exercises included in the article. Let’s read with Morehappawness to scroll down and find various practical methods and useful tips!

How To Massage A Dog To Poop?

How to massage a dog to poop? Start stroking your dog’s back
A Backstroke Can Relieve Dogs’ Digestive Issues

You may also be wondering how long after a dog eats does it poop and how to massage it to make it easier for them to go; please refer to the following tips.


How to massage a dog to poop? Start stroking your dog’s back. A dog’s back has a lot of pressure points, so if you pressure these points, you can solve his intestinal disorders.

Let your dog sit or squat while putting your hands on the top of his neck. Then, use a little pressure to rub the back gently. Continue to slowly move to his lower back and concentrate your hands on his spine’s sides.

You should repeat 15 times to help ease the digestive discomfort.

Lower Stomach Rotation

Lower stomach rotation is a popular technique that helps stimulate your dog’s intestinal digestion.

First, your pup needs to lay on his back with his paws straight above. Next, mildly and slowly knead the lower part of his stomach in a circular movement. You should massage his belly clockwise and counterclockwise to make his pooping session easier.

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Calming Kneads

Massage Hacks To Help Your Dog Poop Quickly
Gentle Kneads Help Dogs Poop Easier

Sometimes, your dog has trouble with digestive digestion not because of his habits or constipation but due to anxiety and stress. Therefore, you should try a kneading massage to give your dog relaxation to calm his nervousness.

Put your thumb in your dog’s ear canals, then gently touch and move to the top of his ears. Knead his ears about ten times to make him comfortable and calm.

Full Body Stroke

Whole-body stroke is another massaging exercise that handles the problem of how to massage a dog to poop. If your puppy’s body doesn’t feel good, it can result in constipation. So, a full body massage will relieve your dog’s muscle tension and help him poop faster.

Make your dog lie down slowly on one side. Then, use a little pressure to place your hands around his neck. Slowly massage his whole body from neck to tail. After that, your dog needs to stand up and move around for seconds gently. Then, repeat the stroke for the other side.

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Tips When Massaging Your Dog

Tips When Massaging Your Dog
Start Warming Up Your Dogs Before Massaging

How to massage a dog – Massage In A Tranquil Place

Before massaging your dog, consider the space that you’ll spend. Your massaging exercises are only effective when your dog is at ease, so you should find a quiet place to give your dog a peaceful environment to help him relax during the stroke.

A serene location also makes your dog calm and relieves stress, which helps the massage be easier and reduces your spending time.

Give A Warm Up Massage

How to massage a dog to poop? There are a lot of solutions, but if you want to make the massage more effective, start with warm-up motions. This will prevent your pup from being overwhelmed and help him be familiar with the stroke.

You should knead the places your dog likes the most, such as the stomach, under the chin, or lower back. Remember to massage slowly and gently to give him a good warm-up.

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Massage Hacks To Help Your Dog Poop Quickly

Sitting Dog Technique

Before doing this massage exercise, you should get your dog to sit down. This sitting position is the same as the position when your pup tries to poop. When your dog sits comfortably, use your palms to pressure from the neck down towards the lower back. Try to place your hands on the sides of his spine.

Massaging this area helps your pup relieve pain while trying to poop and any discomfort caused by intestinal problems. Frequently do this exercise to make sure that your dog will never have a painful experience through a hard pooping session.

Repeat your hands’ movements at least 15-30 times per week to encourage his defecation act and avoid digestive annoyance.

Rub Belly In Circles

It is the easiest way to help your dog poop faster because a basic belly massage can efficiently stimulate his stomach muscles. First, get your dog to lay on his back so that you can see his belly.

Place your palm on the dog’s belly and put a little pressure on his stomach for minutes in a clockwise direction. Then, repeat this motion a few times until your dog shows you that he needs to poop out.

Massage Your Dog’s Left Sides

Massage Hacks To Help Your Dog Poop Quickly
Try Rubbing Dogs’ Left Side

Maybe you don’t know; your dog’s intestines are positioned on the left side. Therefore, rub your hand on the left side of the stomach while he’s laying on the right side. Use a slight pressure and rub this area fast for a few minutes. Notice that you massage the left side of your pup, not yours.

Pressure and speed will stimulate his intestines, so your dog will quickly want to poop out.

Detect Your Dog’s Intestines

If rubbing the left side of your dog is not as effective as you expect, try to find his intestines by following from right to left. Pressure the right area of his belly by moving your hand between the left groin and the genitals to make a U-shape.

Squash Back Legs

First, get your dog to lay on his side to relax his hind legs. Wrap your hands around his thigh and compress softly before releasing the pressure. Continue gripping and releasing all the way down from the leg to the paw. Repeat on the opposite leg after moving up and down in a few minutes.

However, you should avoid compressing the joints on his leg as this act makes your dog irritated and even hurt.


We’ve provided you with different solutions on how to massage a dog to poop. Each method, tip, and hack is effective in its own way, so you need to try a lot to find the most effective way to help your pup poop faster.

Also, regularly doing these massage exercises will prevent your dog from some digestive problems and intestinal discomfort to have a good pooping session and relaxation.

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