How To Tickle A Dog: 4 Top Tips For Dog Lovers

New dog owners may find it difficult to bond with their new man’s best friend. But do you know that, aside from food, a skillful dog owner can quickly befriend dogs just by tickling? It shows a positive approach toward dogs without upsetting them.

It is not too difficult to learn how to tickle a dog. While it is not just as simple as rubbing their chest or stomach, many dogs can feel the sensation and enjoy tickling like humans. Some are more sensitive and tend to retreat when tickled, which requires more approaching skills to interact.

So, why do dogs enjoy tickling, and how to tickle a dog properly? Let’s with Morehappawness find out right now!

Why Do Dogs Enjoy Tickling?

Having fun with your pooch
Having fun with your pooch

Like humans, most dogs have a sensitive nervous system. If specific parts such as the stomach, paws, or chest are rubbed properly or tickled, your puppy will sense a tingling sensation. This feeling makes your dog react by kicking up to scratch the tingle.

Most of the time, tickling can help your dog relax significantly. It helps release tension and stress while playing. However, some dogs may not respond positively to tickling as a defense mechanism. A pat on the head or the back is enough to satisfy them.

If your dog appears to be more ticklish than usual, it might have epidermis issues. The issues can be related to dermatitis, insects, or anaphylaxis, so it is recommended to consult the vet immediately. Otherwise, try to learn how to tickle a dog in its sensitive areas.

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When Should You Tickle Your Dog?

Why Do Dogs Enjoy Tickling?
Interacting with your pet

It is good to learn how to tickle a dog; however, it should be done when your dog is in the mood. If your dog is looking for attention, they will roll onto their back while wiggling their tail playfully. A good tickling session can boost its morale significantly.

Most dogs enjoy tickling, but the best dogs to tickle are small to medium-sized dogs, such as Puggles or Labradors. They are the most energetic pets and enjoy being around people. They are also very sensitive and intuitive that you can pick up their feelings easily.

On the contrary, if your pooch is having a bad day or not feeling well, don’t try to tickle them. They might be startled at the moment and tend to retreat. Instead, you can try snuggling or petting to comfort them. Giving your dog some space can be a good idea.

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How To Tickle A Dog?

When Should You Tickle Your Dog?
Playing with toys

Learning how to tickle a dog is not difficult. Let’s check out where you should tickle your pets to give them the best sensation!

Belly Rub

The belly is the best place to tickle because it brings a comfortable feeling for your dog when you rub this part. When your pup is happy, they tend to lean over and show off their belly to the person they love. With careful touching, you can keep them happy for a long while.

To begin with, you should notice its behavior while playing. Your pooch letting loose and acting cheerfully are the best signs of enjoyment. Try to keep your pet company with similar cheerful emotions.

While interacting with your pet, always rub it gently. Don’t tickle it forcefully; instead, try to rub places that are easy to reach. Don’t try to flip your dog, or it might feel uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that some sensitive parts of your dog might feel uncomfortable if touched; therefore, try to avoid those areas if your dog reacts negatively. If it needs a paunch rub, it will show it to you without hesitation, so be patient.

How To Tickle A Dog – Foot Tickling

Another great part to tickle is its pairs of feet. You can stimulate your dog not only with bare hands but also with a quill or small massage equipment. It can be difficult as your dog might kick around a lot, but it gives plenty of pleasure to them as you play together.

A quill is always the best instrument to tickle your dog. You can get it from a chicken or some toys; otherwise, you can get yourself a designated massage toy such as a fiber brush for your dog. It is always fun to be creative when playing with your pets.

Make sure that your dog is comfortable and enjoys playing with you. You can use your toy to tickle in between your dog’s paws. Occasionally, you can even approach your dog and tickle it by surprise!

Other Notable Tickling Spots

  • Ears: The back of your dog’s ears is a sensitive spot; your dog will feel very comfortable if you interact with it gently. Gently scratching their ears yields the same result.
  • Itching spots: Occasionally, you will notice that your pooch might scratch at some areas more than others. Tickling at those parts will bring a great sensation to your pet. However, if they scratch too much, they likely have epidermis issues, so be careful!
  • Neck: Sometimes, rubbing your pooch’s neck brings many comforts. Use both of your hands to rub and hold your dogs to express love and emotion for your pet, and they will be extremely grateful!

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How To Tickle A Dog – Tickling Trivia

Research shows that dogs tend to express small giggling when being entertained. That being said, your dog enjoys every bit of interaction between them and their owner. They can express emotions, too, so don’t hesitate to share your love with your pets.

Properly tickling brings a lot of fun for your pet; however, you should do it moderately. If you overdo it, it can bring them unpleasantries or accidental injuries without noticing; therefore, you should pay close attention while playing with your dog.


Knowing how to tickle a dog can help a lot in bonding with your pet, as a fun outdoor or indoor activity to enjoy with your beloved animal. Keep in mind that it is very important to keep your pooch happy, both mentally and physically, to ensure their well-being.

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