The Best Answer: How To Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water

Are you worried your furry friend is not drinking enough water? This is a common fear among dog owners, as lack of water causes harmful effects on the dog’s body. Understanding the worries of dog owners, we have come up with how to trick your dog into drinking water. Let’s read it right now with Morehappawness!

Sign Your Dog Isn’t Drinking Enough Water

Sign Your Dog Isn’t Drinking Enough Water
Sign Your Dog Isn’t Drinking Enough Water

Knowing the symptoms of dehydration can help a dog owner know how to trick your dog into drinking water. The following are some of the symptoms:

  • Dry nose and sticky gums
  • Reduced energy
  • Panting
  • Vomiting
  • Skin elasticity loss
  • Appetite loss

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What’s Driving Your Dog’s Insufficient Water Consumption?

Various reasons may be causing your canine to drink less water than they should. Here are some common causes:

  • Physical inactivity: because your furry friend isn’t getting enough exercise. The weather may be cold, and he’s not going out as much.
  • Your pet is growing older: Because of old age, your furry friend no longer likes to be active; he will not want to drink as much anymore.
  • Illness: Some illnesses might lead your furry friend to give up drinking water and have little or no desire to drink water.

In that instance, there is no doubt that we must know how to trick your dog into drinking water.

Is It Possible To Trick Your Furry Friend Into Drinking Water?

Is It Possible To Trick Your Furry Friend Into Drinking Water?
Is It Possible To Trick Your Furry Friend Into Drinking Water?

How to trick your dog into drinking water? We will provide you with the useful ways below. Here are:

Attempt Using Another Water Bowl

Like humans, dogs also have preferences. Some dogs, especially small breeds, prefer different-sized water bowls. It will take you a while to choose a variety of bowls for them. You can use various materials such as porcelain, glass, and stainless steel. You should also adjust the bowl’s depth.

On the other hand, you should rely on the dog’s height to choose the appropriate depth of the bowl so as not to let its whiskers touch the sides of the bowl.

Put Flavor In Your Dog’s Water

Some dogs are very picky about their food. With just a small sniff, they can recognize a specific type of food. This also applies to water. If your furry friend doesn’t like the smell or taste, he will walk away. “What can I do to make their water more appealing?” You can add water flavoring to their bowls. The variety of flavors will help them smell new scents, more interested in drinking water. However, when using aromatherapy, you must always pay attention to water safety. Even though the water has a variety of scents, it is harmful to the dog’s body, so this method is not recommended using reguarly.

Include Wet Food In Their Diet

What Does Water Do For Dogs
Include Wet Food In Their Diet

Dry food or crumbs will not provide enough water for your dog, but changing his diet and introducing wet food can help you trick your dog into drinking water.

This is an excellent method. You will not need to change your dog’s diet, just need to add water to it. To prevent your pet from losing its appetite, you can also use fruits that contain a lot of water to change his taste.

In fact, there are many types of female fruit which provide a certain amount of water to his body. Another food-related trick is to freeze the food it likes. That stimulated his interest in drinking water.

Furthermore, you can give your pet fruits & vegetables, like strawberries or watermelon, that contain plenty of water to help keep them hydrated.

When it comes to frozen items, try freezing bone broth, chicken broth, or peanut butter (a hollow dog toy that you can fill with your pet’s favorite treats). Absolutely that makes a pet interested in drinking water.

A final tip regarding dog food is to give the dog a lick. You could even serve your pet popsicles. That can assist in increasing their hydration levels while also providing them with additional enjoyment. This method is now the most common and helpful way, and we will have less trouble tricking them into drinking water.

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How to trick your dog into drinking water – Change Their Water Regularly

Your puppy’s water can store dirt and bacteria over time. You would never know what happened to your dog’s water bowl.

There are quite a few bacteria and germs in your dog’s water. In particular, if the dog’s water bowl is located outside, dangerous creatures may appear in it, harmful to the dog’s health.

These animals can carry a variety of diseases, such as leptospirosis. Additionally, not every dog will have an adverse reaction to bacteria, which will be even more dangerous. As a result, you need to change the water frequently.

Use A Water Fountain.

Sometimes dogs prefer running water over still water. So it’s a creative idea to switch fountains. The moving water in the fountain makes the dog more enjoyable to drink water. The pet will even play with the fountain. This is a pretty creative way, but it will be expensive to buy a fountain.

Put Your Cupped Hands On Your Dog’s Mouth And Offer Him Water.

Since your dog likes & trusts you, simply giving him water with your own hands might sometimes motivate him to consume more water.

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What Does Water Do For Dogs?

Water is essential for humans as well as dogs, especially for the digestive system. Water helps dogs break down food and aids in the absorption of nutrients. If your furry friend doesn’t drink enough water, he will have many health problems.

Final Thoughts

After reading our article, you will surely know how to trick your dog into drinking water. You won’t find it difficult to provide him healthy water. Hope your dog will always drink enough water and stay healthy. Thanks for reading!

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