Meet The Tongueless Wonder Dog In Need Of A Forever Home

An adorable and moving story about Heart! Now, let’s meet the tongueless wonder dog that has found a loving owner, who he can trust for the rest of his life

Today we will meet the tongueless wonder dog - Heart that has been trying to find a trustable owner. Yes, that's right! Despite being brutally cut off his tongue, after a hard time, Heart can now feed himself and appear close to everyone he meets.

In April, passersby noticed a pit bull stumbling on a Philadelphia street, bleeding from his mouth and neck and seemingly disoriented. So the Samaritans took him to ACCT Philly, the city's only refuge.

When they got there, the veterinary team discovered most of the dog's tongue had been severed.

Sarah Barnett, director of development and communications at ACCT Philly, told TODAY the wound was "it's very, very recent".

This dog was later named Heart for his friendly demeanor. Heart spent about a week in the shelter and struggled to swallow food. Barnett volunteered to adopt Heart and help him learn how to eat again.

Initially, Barnett rolled the wet food into meatballs and stuck them down Heart's throat as far down as possible. Also, Barnett said if she put food directly instead of sticking them down her throat, it would get stuck in her mouth, and Heart would choke.

One vet later suggested that it might be easier for Heart to learn to eat with a raised bowl. Fortunately, Heart is now able to feed itself.

Barnett said Heart was incredibly resilient and bounced back in many ways. In particular, this dog is very kind, he loves people and is very reliable.

According to Barnett, the heart will be happily living in a home where he feels safe, with a loving person (or people) and possibly another friendly dog ​​to help build his confidence.

The puncture wounds on Heart's neck appear to have been caused by a dog bite. So while he enjoys meeting new dogs when they come face-to-face, he is hyperactive on walks and lies down whenever he sees a dog approaching.

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