Neglected Deaf Dog and His Companion Get A New Home After Nearly 2 Years

Have you ever come across a deaf dog that no one wants to adopt and take care of? If yes, what will you do? Well, in that case, an animal organization immediately adopted that neglected deaf dog and his companion after seeing it in the middle of nowhere.

Adopting Neglected Deaf Dog And Its Companion: Overall Story

When Did RSPCA Rescue Four Dogs?

When Did RSPCA Rescue Four Dogs?

Recently, Tinsel and Angel, two more Saluki dogs, were recently rescued by the RSPCA after being discovered in a small shed just before Christmas. All four were in a very unhealthy state, although they are making great strides to recover since being taken into care.

The RSPCA first learned of the neglected four-legged canines when residents expressed worry about their living conditions. Public members reported they were being held in such a shed unless they were used only for hunting, according to an RSPCA press statement.

After being rescued, they were taken to RSPCA Southridge Centre in Hertfordshire. They received a lot of attention from people who loved and treated them like family during the holiday season.

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Four Dogs After Being Rescued

Four Dogs After Being Rescued

The RSPCA tried its best to look after these dogs during the first Christmas without their owner, but things didn’t work out. The dogs never really got over the shock of losing their owner and soon began feeling more depressed than before.

Tinsel and Angel finally found new homes after several months of arriving at the shelter, named Hertfordshire, while Dasher and Eve were more difficult to put.

Dasher always sticks around to make sure Eve feels comfortable and safe. Eve has a hearing disability and can be overwhelmed by noise, so this is why Dasher stays right beside her all the time as she needs him to provide reassurance.

It was important for their adopters to know that these bonded pairs need someone who will treat them just as well as they treat each other to keep them together at last.

After being kept in the shelter for more than a year and being patiently waited for by a loving couple, it seems like Dasher and Eve have finally found their forever home.

A couple who saw their story decided to adopt them after losing their pet dog named Fawn mere weeks earlier. These two dogs are happy and easy to adapt to a new home due to the proper care of the owner.

Eve and Dasher are so thankful that after spending 2 Christmases at the shelter, they’ll be able to spend the holiday season in a nest they’ve built themselves surrounded by all of their beloved friends and family.

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It is completely understandable how people want the most gorgeous, beautiful pets possible. However, puppies are not flowers, and just like any other animals on earth, they have their unique ways of expressing their beauty, even if they are deaf.

Remember that not everyone is born in luck, even pets. Let’s change your thinking about the look/appearance and spend more love for animals- all of them deserve to receive love from humans!

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