Stanley The Chihuahua – A Hopeful Rescue

Every day, hundreds of animals are abandoned by their owners in the United States, leaving them vulnerable when they are alone on the street, without food or water, and unable to locate their homes.

One evening, a chihuahua was found in a similar state, abandoned in a cage on the side of a New Jersey roadway. Stanley was nearly tired from the cold and hunger. It was transferred to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, New Jersey, as soon as it was discovered.

He was given the name Stanley in this town.

Stanley The Chihuahua 1

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Stanley, who turned eight this year, has some health issues. It is very large for the typical healthy range, weighing 21 pounds, whereas the average chihuahua weighs little more than 10 pounds. Stanley cannot move normally due to this issue, and he has several challenges in his everyday life.

According to Megan Brinster, executive director of the shelter, while they have seen numerous animal conditions that require weight assistance, Stanley’s case is unusual and incredibly touching: the legs were too little and could not hold Stanley’s torso. That is very sad.

On the other hand, Stanley made great mental and physical improvements when he returned to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.

Stanley is currently receiving the greatest spiritual care from the institution where he was abandoned. Everyone here adores Stanley and is always eager to speak with him.

Stanley even has a new adoptive mother, who is described as devoted to the dog and skilled medical staff on his side. Stanley is now in a loving environment.

Stanley’s road to recovery still has a long way to go. Brinster stated that the dog would need to go through physical therapy activities to strengthen the skeleton and nutritious meals as prescribed.

But we are sure that Stanley will undoubtedly make it through and have a healthy life because of his tenacious attitude and the affection of his new family.

Many kind donors sympathized with Stanley and gave much to his assistance. They asked for money to get him a wheelchair and other therapy equipment and treat the dog. Needless to say, Stanley was overjoyed.

Stanley’s tale is a fantastic encouragement on the road of change; from a desperate dog to a loving dog, Stanley is now free to enjoy his life knowing that there are always people on his side.

This heartwarming story has touched the hearts of many dog lovers and humans in general.


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