Two Brave College Students Rescue Dog From A Blizzard

A touching story happened when two college students rescue dog that had been buried in snow for nearly 20 minutes at a popular ski spot.

These two students, Bobby White and Josh Trujillo are studying at the Colorado School of Mines. On December 26, White and Trujillo were skiing at Berthoud Pass in Colorado when they saw an approaching avalanche. Unfortunately, the boys and the other climbers were trapped in this snow. Fortunately, no one was in danger of life, only a Chesapeake Bay retriever, Apollo, of a mountaineer named Scott Shepherd, who went missing when unfortunately ran away from his enslaver in a blizzard.

While searching, Shepherd was helped by Trujillo and White, and after confirming that no other skiers were lost in that avalanche, they used probe stakes to find the dog in a thick layer of snow.

Nearly 20 minutes of searching, Trujillo found Apollo’s nose. With the help of a stranger, Trujillo and White dig through the snow to rescue the dog. The Apollo rescue was captured with a GoPro that White was wearing on his helmet. Trujillo is overjoyed to see the dog in the video, and he screams, “I can see him. He’s still alive.”

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Two students rescue dog by digging through a thick pile of snow

After Apollo was freed, fortunately, he only had signs of a leg injury. But when he heard Shepherd’s voice, he immediately ran over and rejoiced.

When interviewed by ABC News, Shepherd expressed deep gratitude to Trujillo and White, and he said, “There’s no way I could have found him in time to get him out of there because I am still on my way uphill. I think they saved his life, and I can never be grateful enough for it.”

In addition, Shepherd also shared that, after a few days Apollp rested and was examined by a veterinarian, he was completely healthy. Shepherd expressed regret over the incident and advised people not to leave their dogs near avalanche-prone slopes. He confided: “I feel like I’ve learned a great lesson, but luckily it didn’t have any major consequences,” thought Shepherd: “Maybe the worst-case scenario is that Apollo is lost forever, and the best-case scenario is that he gets seriously injured. But luckily, nothing happened. It just still blows my mind. “

As for the two guys Trujillo and White, after the Apollo rescue video was posted on Twitter, it has been viewed more than 24,000 times, and people have also given a lot of praise to these two college students as true heroes.

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