The Sad Story Of A Cat Abandoned By Her Owner

The sad story of a cat happened when a family moving to another place abandoned a female cat with the thought that someone would see and take care of her. Since then, because there is no place to live, the cat keeps wandering around the neighborhood looking for food and finding a place to sleep. Finally, some neighbors saw the cat and wanted to help her. But she is terrified and always runs away when they come near. 

The sad story of a cat begins when she is abandoned by her owner.

One day, the cat became pregnant and gave birth to 3 kittens. However, unfortunately, 2 out of 3 cats died because of the harsh outdoor living conditions. In the days that followed, she raised her only child thoughtfully.

The joy was not long when an unfortunate thing happened to this poor cat. A speeding car hit her, causing her to lose her life and the kitten eventually becoming an orphan. The neighbor had witnessed those traumatic events and felt terrible that this former family pet cat had to endure such sadness and abandonment.

To make matters worse, a few days later, the neighbor was at work, and when she turned the car around, she heard a faint meow coming from the engine. Opening the hood, she panicked to see a kitten just about four weeks old injured in the fan belt. The neighbor quickly took his phone from his wallet and called Animal Control.

Fortunately, Animal Control was nearby when he received the call about the injured animal. Within five minutes, the officer had rescued the kitten from the engine. However, in the meantime, the kitten was in a state of frostbite and dehydration. So, he was quickly taken to the veterinary hospital for emergency care.

The kitten’s condition was critical, and veterinarians had to give him fluids and warm him up. In addition, the kitten’s life is also threatened by a severe broken leg and brain injury. Therefore, the veterinarian had to perform emergency surgery to save his life. Soon after, because the situation was not favorable, a second surgery was performed, which eventually resulted in the amputation of his leg. Thanks to the generous donation of the Shelter Miracles Fund, this kitten’s life was fortunately saved.

As such, this 1-pound homeless kitten encounters a miracle and avoids the same fate as his mother. The shelter took the kitten into a foster home for treatment and named him Bruce. After a few weeks, the kitten started eating independently, walking painlessly, and becoming more loving.

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The sad story of a cat

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This kitten was lucky enough to be adopted by a mother who promised to always take care of him. Although Bruce still has difficulty walking today, he is healthy and safe at home.

Bruce is one of the luckier cases than the other homeless cats. A cat who wants to survive on the street must face difficult situations such as lack of food, predatory wildlife, and the cold.

Cats are an animal that is very susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia in cold weather. So outdoor cats often curl up in car engines in search of warmth. To make sure you won’t hurt them, before you turn around, hit the hood of the car hard to make sure no animals are in. If one is there, he will leave or often meow to let you know he is there. In particular, call Animal Control for help if any animals are lost or injured. From there, you can help cats in traumatic situations be treated in time and have a home-like Bruce in the story above.

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