The Touching Story Of Dog Stayed Dead Owner

Dog stayed dead owner is a story that has brought tears to many readers. Test your "toughness" by reading the article.

Dogs are often loyal best friends to humans. Even if you abandon them, no matter what the circumstances, they will always love you. Related to that loyalty, the following will be a very touching story of a dog-stayed dead owner.

This heartbreaking story happened on January 31st. A blizzard took place in a rural area near Sacramento, California, causing David Deshon, owner of Baby Dog and Buddy, to die because his car got stuck.

When a rescue team arrived, they were moved to see Baby Dog still lying in the snow protecting his owner's body. On the other hand, Buddy went missing for a few days after going to the neighbor's house to bark and scratch at the door for help.

Although his owner was dead, Baby Dog still lying in the snow protecting his owner's body

When TODAY came and interviewed Lomeli, a neighbor to Shona, Deshon's daughter, she said that Shona felt comfort knowing her father didn't die alone, but she felt heartbroken that she couldn't keep his dogs because her job took her away from home too much.

So Lomeli asked Shona and wished to adopt Baby Dog for her mother, Peggy Morrill, because the dog's loyalty moved her to his late owner. She had hoped that her mother could receive that kind of devotion.

Mrs. Morrill has battled cancer during the pandemic. But unfortunately, just a few months before her diagnosis, she lost her "4-legged" friend who was always by her side, a black Lab dog named Raelyn. Therefore, Mrs. Morrill always yearned for a new dog but lacked the energy to find the right one.

Fortunately, Shona agreed to that. So on February 8, Lomeli went to a shelter to adopt Bady Dog. She also feared that Baby Dog would become depressed and potentially deadlocked after the accident when she arrived. However, he still appeared very fine.

Lomeli sat on a couch and asked, "Baby Dog, can you come and let me pet you?" Fortunately, the dog walked over and rested his head on her lap. Then, they had a walk together, and when Lomeli asked Baby Dog if he wanted a new family, he wagged his tail and kissed her on the face. Lomeli felt so happy that she immediately called her mother, and Mrs. Morrill was also excited.

So the next day, Lomeli and her husband came and took Baby Dog from the shelter to her parents' house. Mrs. Morrill had told her the dog was beautiful. He was very docile and had learned how to use a dog door. Fortunately, he is still very healthy and happy with his new family.

Fortunately, he is still very healthy and happy with his new family

Back with Buddy, it was also a blessing to hear that he found a loving new home on February 11, after being treated for a urinary tract infection at Placer County Animal Services.

Animal services director Katie Ingram said the shelter staff and volunteers were delighted to hear that Baby Dog and Buddy had found wonderful new homes.

In an interview with TODAY, she said that both Baby Dog and Buddy are the sweetest, most sensitive boys. “I think our staff feels like this is one of those powerful moments where the team and the entire community have to come together to help,” she added.

In addition, Ingram hopes the public will become aware that shelters are not just places for stray pets. They will also devote attention and resources to particular situations, such as helping a grieving daughter find suitable homes for her father's dogs, as in this case.

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