Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot? Is This Dangerous To My Cat?

You often rub your cat’s ears, but you notice that they can be hot one day. You’re still undecided about going to the vet, and the question “Why are my cat’s ears hot?” keeps ringing in your head. So, in this article, we will give you the exact reasons why your cat’s ears get hot and suggest some ways to deal with it.

Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot?

why are my cats ears red and hot

For a cat, his ears are an essential part because they help regulate his body’s temperature. So if one day you touch your cat’s ears and worry, “Why are my cat’s ears hot?”, just stay calm!

A cat’s usual body temperature is between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly higher than a human’s. Therefore, a healthy cat’s ears will always be warm to the touch.

However, if your cat’s ears are hotter than usual, it could indicate that he has a fever or that his health is in trouble. Furthermore, your cat’s earwax may have built up to the point where it’s obstructing the capacity to ventilate the area.

So checking your cat’s temperature is the best way to determine if he has a fever. You can take his temperature with an ear thermometer made exclusively for cats.

The Reasons Your Cat’s Ears Are Hot

A cat’s ears can get hot for a variety of reasons. There will be a few causes that do not harm the cat’s health, such as the cat’s body temperature is consistently higher than usual, leading the cat’s ears to be always warm.

In addition, the cat’s body temperature will change throughout the day depending on time and the temperature of his environment. For example, if the cat spends too much time in the sun, he can get sick, and his ears may become hot. So to protect your cat from heatstroke, provide a well-ventilated area and drinking water to cool him down.

Besides, there will be some health-related reasons for your cat’s ears to become hot. First of all, if your cat has a fever, it can cause his ears to heat up, but this is also a sign showing he is trying to fight the cause of the illness.

However, if he has symptoms such as loss of appetite, vomiting, or lethargy, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

why are my cats ears so hot

An infection can also cause your cat’s ears to become hot. Foreign objects in the ear, viruses or bacteria, mites, or poor hygiene are all possible causes of a cat’s ear infection. In particular, if your cat has a wound or inflammation on his ear and is accompanied by a fever for several days, it could be caused by bacteria. Infections caused by bacteria are frequently more severe than by viruses. Therefore, as a cat owner, you should be aware of other minor signs of your cat’s illness, such as excessive scratching and head shaking. From there, immediately notify the veterinarian so that the cat can be treated promptly.

Especially if one day you’re worried about “Why are my cat’s ears hot and red,” chances are your cat is showing signs of an allergic reaction. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for specific allergens that can cause heat in your cat’s ears, such as fleas, dust, or particles. If you notice any unusual things, talk to your vet right away.

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Is It Ok If My Cat Ears Are Hot?

Ears are one of the cats’ organs to regulate body temperature. So it’s okay for your cat’s ears to get hot as long as he’s comfortable and the heat is evenly distributed throughout his body.

In addition, the surroundings where your cat also plays an essential part in regulating the temperature of the cat’s ears. For example, if your cat spends a lot of time in the sun, it’s not a big deal to get hot ears.

Do Hot Ears Mean My Cat Is Sick?

How to Clean Your Cat’s Ears?

Despite answering the question “Why are my cat’s ears hot?” would include his health problems. However, because cats are warm creatures. So, a hot cat’s ears are not necessarily a sign of illness.

To make sure your cat is sick or not, in addition to paying attention to the temperature of the ears, you need to watch for accompanying symptoms, such as rapid breathing, soft skin, loss of appetite. Furthermore, you can also use a thermometer to measure your cat’s temperature accurately.

Is It Better to Have Warm Or Cold Cat Ears?

As we said above, because cats are a warm-blooded species, his usual body temperature will be around 100 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, so it shouldn’t be a problem when his ears are warm.

However, if one day you have to worry, “Why are my cat’s ears so hot?” Maybe his health is in trouble. So keep an eye on your cat’s other symptoms and contact your vet immediately if he shows more severe signs.

Besides, you can monitor the cat’s temperature by feeling his paws, head, and tail in addition to his ears.

How to Clean Your Cat’s Ears?

Do Hot Ears Mean My Cat Is Sick?

The fact that your cat’s ears become hot could also be because his ears are dirty and infected with bacteria or foreign objects. So, clean your cat’s ears from time to time, especially when you notice a discharge from his ears.

Here’s the procedure to clean your cat’s ears without hurting him:

  • First, you sit comfortably, hold the cat in your lap, and gently pull the tip of the earlobe to open his ear canal;
  • Then, use the other hand to keep the ear cleaner and put a little into his ear canal;
  • Finally, carefully remove some dirt from the inside of the cat’s ears using a cotton swab.

Carefully remove some dirt from the inside of the cat’s ears using a cotton swab

Frequently Asked Question

Is This True That White Cats Are More Prone to Ear Heat?

The answer is yes. Because white cats or cats with white ears will be more susceptible to sunburn leading to hot ears, than cats with dark fur, hairless cats will also be prone to hot ears due to sunburn. Therefore, you should talk to your veterinarian about sunscreen safety for your cat.

Why Are My Cat Ears Red And Hot?

It could be a sign of an ear infection if your cat’s ears are red, hot, and have an unpleasant odor. Also, pay attention to your cat’s behavior. For example, if he shakes his head or picks his ears, call your veterinarian immediately because he may be trying to clean debris and fluid from the ear canal.

What Temperature Makes Cats Uncomfortable?

The health of cats is at risk if the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, especially with kittens, elderly or sick cats.

Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot And Itchy?

Although when you wonder, “Why are my cat’s ears hot?” There probably won’t be any problems with your cat’s health. But if your cat is both hot and itchy, he may have an infection.


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