Why Do Cats Arch Their Back? – Everything You Need To Know

Cats arch their body for many different reasons. This is not really for a show but for several purposes. Most cat owners have noticed this peculiar stance that their feline took at one time or another.  This behavior is usually seen in kittens, but older cats can also do this. But what does the behavior mean? Why do cats arch their back? Let’s jump into this article to discover now!

Why Do Cats Arch Their Back?

why do cats arch their back when you pet them


Sometimes cats will arch their backs when they play, usually in a friendly way. This can sometimes happen when playing with another feline or even their human companion. Also, this would likely happen with a ball as well.

Kittens are loyal and playful friends. If you notice the back of your pet arched up, it could be because they are in a happy mood, simply prancing about to make their wishes clear!

It’s vital to pay great attention to your animal’s personality at all times so that you can rapidly gain an understanding of what makes them happy or sad.

If a feline is running around and getting playful with you or other pets, you can probably pet him without getting scratched.

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Stretching body

In certain instances, it’s wise not to overthink your pet’s mindset. Another reason for “Why do cats arch their back?” is that they’re simply tired and need a good stretch out.

Felines have sixty vertebrae and greater flexibility than humans. Some cats exhibit a “stretch” that seems to make their flexibility severe, even when it is just a simple indication of how tired they are.

You may notice your pet standing there, back arched, with their nose buried in the surface and their tail raised high. It is sometimes said that they are “queen of the world” in this position.

You could even look around, expecting to see a bird or a mouse. However, cats are not hunting or in danger. Rather, they’re probably not even in a fun mood! They are probably ready for a nap.

Presenting their bum

why do cats arch their back and run sideways

On the other hand, why do cats arch their back? And what was the true motive behind that? Since he is displaying his bum — yes, that’s right! Do not interpret this as a bad omen.

Felines show their butts to one another as a warm greeting, and they do the same to people who want more petting. It indicates that they are at ease and content in your presence.

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Hit the spot

This is a great way to see that you elicit a positive response from your pet, meaning this behavior indicates that they value your touch.

If they arch their back, make it easier for you to get to the sweet spot. Sometimes felines will even do this while being petted, which is an excellent indicator of enjoying themselves!

But, where are the typical sweet spots with all of that state?

  • Above the tail and beneath the chin
  • Up and down the spine
  • Behind the ears

We remind you to be somewhat careful if you need to handle your feline. Whether it’s your pet, remember to try not to poke at their stomach or tail, as these are the most sensitive parts of their body. In addition, some tend to get irritated by strangers touching them there.

There is a fine line between contentment & injury for our feline friends. Overstimulating a feline will almost always result in a scratch or bite behavior.

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Being scared

A feline’s body language says a lot about its thinking or how it feels. For example, when felines are suddenly confronted by something unfamiliar or startling, they may vault their body and hiss. This warns other animals who can see them that the feline is frightened and could potentially attack if provoked.

Besides, the arched back posture of a cat makes them appear bigger and helps them deter predators. They have the option of seeking an easier target instead of the large looming threat.

This is an immediate response to a potentially harmful circumstance. This type of body language means, “I feel threatened, yet I am prepared to protect myself if you approach.”

The best course of action would be to leave the hostile cat alone and avoid approaching them. And if it’s your pet, speak gently but don’t get in the way of rivals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

why do cats arch their back when scratched

Why is my feline walking around with his back arched?

Cats that walk around with their back arched indicate that they are in the mood for play. It usually implies that it is ready to pounce on you or another animal in your house.

Additionally, if the cat has its tail raised high, this indicates domination; you may be in for more than a few scratches.

What causes my cat’s back to arch and run sideways?

This behavior represents a frightening arch. When threatened by a dog, for example, a feline will likely erect its hair, blow out its tail, hiss and move backward in a sideways manner.

Why do cats arch their back when they are petted?

Often, when a cat arches its back and lifts its tail, it’s trying to achieve greater levels of pleasure. Pushing their fluff against your hands when you pet them increases their pleasurable sensation.

The important thing to remember here is that felines reach this heightened state in various ways!

Final Thoughts

We hope this post has given you a better understanding of why do cats arch their back! So, the next time your feline arches its body, try to determine what your pet is feeling and go from there.

However, do not worry. The feline does not intend to harm you. It is simply trying to let you know that it wants to be petted a little longer.

If you are interested in learning more about cat body language or other concerns about your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Thank you for reading!

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