Why Do Cats’ Ears Twitch? Is He Having Health Problems?

Why do cats' ears twitch? Is the cat having health issues or just different from other cats? Let's find out in this article.

Cat parents often notice that their cat's ears often twitch when they call his name or even when he's asleep. Naturally, this leaves owners wondering, "Why do cats' ears twitch?"

So, if you want to learn detailed information about why your cat is twitching his ears, we will help you in this article.

Why Do Cats’ Ears Twitch?

Some cat parents are very concerned about the "Why do cats' ears twitch?" However, the ears are one of the most sensitive parts of a cat's body. A cat has many ways to express his mood, such as turning, leaning up, or lying flat. But, the most common way you can tell if your cat is in a mood is by his twitching ears.

The cat's ear twitching is a reflex action in most cases because he has very good ear control. When cats perform this action and tilt their ears, it is usually to capture more sound and hear more clearly. Alternatively, your cat's ears twitching could also be because he's interested in seeing you, exploring toys, or trying to locate prey. Especially even if an object doesn't make a sound, cats will naturally twitch their ears to find out more information.

Why Do Cats’ Ears Twitch? Is He Having Health Problems? - ear twitching

There is nothing to worry about when your cat twitches at his ears several times a day. However, if this behavior occurs several times a minute or for a short time, it can be a worrisome sign because your cat may have an ear infection, ticks, lice, or fleas.

Are Cat Ears Twitching Normal?

Cat ear twitching is a natural reflex action of cats. A cat can detect sounds 1 octave higher than dogs and 1.6 octaves higher than humans. Therefore, you should not worry if your cat is constantly twitching his ears for no reason.

This action of the cat is merely to tune in to the sounds around him and try to understand them.

What Causes Ears Twitching in Cats?

As we said above, the constant twitching of the cat's ears is nothing to worry about. However, if it's noisy outside, someone entering the room, or even a bug running across a wall or a car horn in the distance can cause your cat's ears to twitch because he's just trying to understand his surroundings.

However, the answer to the question "Why do cats twitch their ears?" will change in a negative direction if he unusually twitches his ears and is accompanied by other signs, such as:

Cat Ears Twitching With Head Shaking

If your cat's ears twitch, and he shakes his head constantly, this could be a sign that your cat is struggling with parasites or mites in his ears. In addition, cats will also use their paws to rub and scratch their ears.

Why Do Cats’ Ears Twitch? Is He Having Health Problems? - Ear Twitch

In this case, you need to check your cat's condition, then take him to the vet or use topical flea and ear mite medications to treat him. Because if left for too long, the germs will spread to other parts of the cat and possibly cause him to lose hair.

Cats Keep Twitching Ears And Shaking Head But No Mites

This is a sign that your cat may have an ear infection. This disease usually occurs in both the outer and inner ears of cats, but most commonly inside the ear canal, it is difficult to detect.

An inner ear infection will cause your cat to turn his ears and shake his head repeatedly. Besides, this disease will also make your cat lose balance and limp. In the case of external infection, the cat's ears can become red and inflamed, emitting a foul odor or discharge, which can cause pain and discomfort to the cat. In addition, he will also show a vigorous head shake to try to get rid of fluid and debris in the ear.

So, if you notice any of these signs in your cat, take him to the vet so they can accurately diagnose your cat's situation and provide the most effective treatment.

Cat Ears Twitch After Using Flea Medicine

In this situation, the flea medication may be causing an allergic reaction in your cat's ears because certain therapeutic drugs are highly toxic and may induce harmful effects in your cat immediately after administration.

This symptom will not be life-threatening to the cat and fade with time. However, if the symptoms persist, bathe your cat in warm water with a bar of mild hand soap and then dry him with a warm towel to remove any irritants from his ears.

Ways to Deal With Your Cat's Excessive Ear Twitching

Don't be alarmed if you notice your cat's ears twitch or rotate slightly, and this is just a cat's natural activity as he attempts to hear the sounds around. However, if this behavior becomes persistent, your cat may have a health concern.

Taking your cat to the vet is the best approach to cope with his excessive ear twitching. Veterinarians will have specialized medical instruments like otoscopes, which allow them to visually examine the cat's ears, making it easier to spot injuries or ear mites.

Why Do Cats’ Ears Twitch? Is He Having Health Problems? - Ear Twitching

In particular, you should also take your cat to the veterinarian on a routine basis for checkups. Regular visits can aid in the early detection of sickness in your cat, allowing him to be treated before it worsens.

Why Do Cats’ Ears Twitch When You Touch Them?

Although the answer to the question "Why do cats’ ears twitch?" simply because it's normal cat behavior. On the contrary, if the cat's ears twitch when you touch them, it means he doesn't enjoy being touched.

The cat's ear is a vital organ since he depends on it to listen to the environment and catch prey or flee predators. So, with cats, the ears are a susceptible area. To avoid making the cat feel uncomfortable, you should only touch the cat's ears when you want to check them.

Why Do Cats’ Ears Twitch While They Are Sleeping?

Before answering this question, you must assess whether the cat is actually sleeping, or simply closing his eyes to relax. Because even with eyes closed, cats' ears still twitch to detect new sounds or absorb information.

Why Do Cats’ Ears Twitch? Is He Having Health Problems? - Car Ears Twitch

But if your cat is genuinely asleep, his ear twitching will be unrelated to outside noises. The cat's limbs and ears will frequently twitch during sleep in the early stages, but his ears will gradually become more motionless in the later phases.

Frequently Asked Question

Would A Cat Twitch His Ears If He Was Deaf?

Even if the cat is deaf in one ear or partially deaf when the sound is muffled as it enters the inner ear, the cat will still twitch his ear to the sound he can hear, no matter how low the sound.

Furthermore, cats that are entirely deaf can still wiggle their ears through the movements he perceives.

Does It Matter If The Cat's Skin Twitches?

Besides the question, "Why do cats’ ears twitch?" Many cat parents are also curious to know why their cat's skin twitches. The twitching of the cat's skin indicates that your cat is suffering from sensory disturbance syndrome, also known as neuromotor epilepsy. This disease is a perplexing feline disorder in which the cat bites or licks his back, tail, or rear extremities frequently.

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