Why Do Cats Sit On Your Chest? Let's Find Out!

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Cats sit on your shoulders and around the chest of their human companions as a sign of affection. However, there are other aspects to this action than just affection. 
In this article, we will consider “Why do cats sit on your chest?” and what you can do about it. We will also discuss the best way to avoid the problem.

Why Do Cats Sit On Your Chest?

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So why do cats sit on your chest? Well, there are many reasons for this. Here are some reasons for your reference.


If your pet sits on your body during the winter season, you may want to think it could be cold. When they are too hot, they often like to find cool surfaces and sit for a while because they prefer cooler surfaces. 

A panting cat will also be looking for a cool surface to lower their body temperature due to higher temperatures typically playing a part in making them anxious. 

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Perhaps this is why many do not do well with the heat and sun exposure so much that a room with air conditioning or fan running would be a better option. 

If your cat wants to spend time on your lap, it may potentially have a fever or feels warm from being too hot - this can explain why your cat might even need more attention if you're feeling sick.

You might wonder if there is any other reason why do cats sit on your chest, continue reading and find out more!

Show Their Affection

For bonding, you and your pet may be interested in knowing why they sit on your chest. There are several reasons to consider, and one of them is affection. 

A cat purring and sitting on you could be a manner of showing concern for what you're feeling or going through. Of course, when this happens, the pet may be simply caring for her parents.

Claim The Owner

Cats are territorial animals. They like to mark their clear ownership of everything, and everyone in their vicinity is a prime target for that. If a pet sits on you, it's because they feel comfortable enough to curl up and fall asleep comfortably.

Search For Security And Safety

Cats, being predators, are durable and agile and always ready to hunt down their prey. So, cats often seek protection when you put them on your chest or find another place in the house where they rest peacefully. 

When little kittens were young, they would sleep near their mother to feel safe and secure. Now that these felines grow up, it's no wonder why your furry pet continues this behavior throughout adulthood!

Get The Attention

Of course, another common reason why your pet may be sitting on you is to get your attention. As you can tell, many cats like to wake their owners up in the morning, and they will often do so by jumping on their chest. 

If your furry friend needs you for something and feels that you have been relaxing long enough (or perhaps sleeping a little too soundly!), they may pounce on/in your chest to act friendly to remind you that it is time to get up.

The Love Of Scent

As we've mentioned earlier, they can be very picky when it comes to where they choose to sleep. And the last reason why do cats sit on your chest shall be because they like your scent. 

Cats are creatures of habit, and most tend always to have their go-to spots or 'napping areas' as you may call them - in case there is no one else around who might be willing to snuggle in for a nap or tuck them in under the blanket. 

Your pet could also be attracted to particular scents that transmit very strong signals for them. You might not even know this, but your scent has signal capabilities similar to a GPS tracking system!

Things To Consider When Having Your Cat Sit On The Chest

Cats are cute and loving, but it is important to consider how they affect your sleep and how they think of your bed. While they might like sleeping in your bed, they are a bit of a disruption to sleep. 

When you're used to sleeping on the same side of the bed every night, having a furry friend in the bed changes that.

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Possibly, you will wake up the next morning with a stiff neck or accidentally kick the furry friend in the middle of the night, while you probably don't want to kick the cat out of bed, you might have to decide between your sleep and the cat's happiness.

Moreover, hygiene is one of the biggest considerations when letting a furry friend sleep in your bed. It's important to keep the bed properly made and clean. Make sure to wash all sheets and blankets regularly. 

It can be difficult to resist those cute eyes if you are pet-loving to cuddle with you. But a furry friend's natural oils are not the same as human oils. They can irritate the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. You want to make sure that your cat is well groomed before letting it into your bed. 

Pet spending too much time in the litter can be irritated and leave a smelly mark. So make sure to clean the litter box often, so your furry friend doesn't have to spend too much time in it.

How To Avoid Your Cat Sitting On The Chest?

The surest way to get a cat off one's chest is to distract them with something. If using an outside distraction is not possible, find something near the bed at which the pet can scratch. A toy or something with which a kitty may play is ideal.

Or, use a pet bed. If your cat has a warm and comfortable place to lay down and nap, they are less likely to use you as a pillow all the time.

When you want your furry friend to use their sleeping area, you encourage them to do so. One of the best solutions here is praising and rewarding them when they're near their bed. It might just take them a few times to realize that it's where they're supposed to be spending their time or for naps or bed.

Some Final Thoughts

So you might now understand why do cats sit on your chest, right? It depends on the situation. If, for example, your cat is sitting on your body while you are sleeping, it could be that he wants to wake you up and get some food. 

If he is sitting on you while you are lying in bed, he could want attention. Or it could be that he wants to play with you, and your body is the closest thing to him. If your furry friend sits on your chest while watching TV, it could be that they hope to be close to you. 

Hope you have a great time with your furry friends. Cheers!

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