Why Do Dogs Bite Themselves? - The Causes and Solutions!

You often see dogs chew on their fur but don’t know why do dogs bite themselves? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Chewing on yourself is a common behavior of dogs, and we have to understand that dogs do it for different reasons. Sometimes, this habit will harm your pet, so you should take care of them to avoid unexpected problems. That’s why you may wonder “Why do dogs bite themselves?”

This article will provide some typical reasons and some methods to handle them. Keep reading, and you will know how to protect your dog.

Knowing When It Is Not A Natural Canine Behavior

Before coming to your concern about Why Do Dogs Bite Themselves, you should understand that all dogs bite at their skin and chew on themselves. This is normal canine behavior, which could not be alarmed. 

Nevertheless, if you find that your dog has a persistent habit of chewing at itself, it may indicate that your dog has suffered from a health problem.

In most cases, there's something causing them to scratch an itch — which they can't reach themselves. However, other causes can make your pet uncomfortable and cause them to bite in the first place, such as anxiety, allergies, and fleas.

Therefore, you need to recognize when the biting habit of your dog becomes abnormal. 
We will continue with some reasons: Why do dogs bite themselves? Keep reading to get the answer along with specific solutions. 

Why Do Dogs Bite Themselves?

There are many reasons for the dogs’ habit of chewing on themselves. The following syndromes can result in that problem. 

Flea Infestation

Flea infestation is the most typical answer for the question: Why do dogs bite themselves? 
Dogs have been suffering from flea infestations for a very long time. This is a common issue that dogs have been dealing with since time immemorial, and it's uncertain whether these pesky parasites will stop their assault any time soon on domesticated canines. 

Dealing with fleas isn’t hard. Frequent bathing with an anti-flea shampoo can wash away minor infestations. 

If the infestation is more serious, washing the dog won’t suffice, and you have to take measures to tackle them at their source instead of merely treating their symptoms. 

To destroy existing flea colonies, you can dust your pet regularly with a special preventative powder or spray that kills adult fleas.

Remove A Tick

Like fleas, ticks are parasites that have been around for a very long time and feed on the blood of our dogs. Ticks are known to carry a lot of different viruses in them as they pass from one host to another, unintentionally sharing their diseases along the way.

Ticks also accompany various diseases transmitted by simply petting your dog. They are Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and a whole host of others. Even if your dog is not affected by these pathogens, blood loss will make them weak and unhealthy.

Response To Allergies

Allergies can also be the reason for “Why do dogs bite themselves?” External exposure to an allergen will often irritate the skin, leaving your pup with a rather unpleasant and even painful experience that could last several days.

If your dog is scratching themselves constantly and you can't see any traces of parasites or other irritants, they may have a food allergy. If you can spend more on the quality of food eaten, try doing so. Food allergies can lead an animal to scratch heavily.

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Mite Infestation

Mites are a little more challenging to manage than fleas. Mites, unlike fleas, are so tiny you can hardly catch them; it's also very challenging to target them for extermination. 

Thankfully, though, there are many good chemical-free methods to deal with these mites and get rid of them at home. 


Dogs frequently have issues with seborrhea which is also known as dandruff. A fungus-like bacterium causes red, itchy, and irritated spots on the skin that come along with this disease. Dry skin is also generally brought about by this disease in canines.

Many people believe that dry skin is the sole cause of dandruff. However, this is not the case. Dry skin can exacerbate the issue, but there are other contributing factors, such as a specific type of bacteria that's responsible for causing dandruff.

Dogs suffering from dandruff are treated with special medicated shampoos, similar to people. And we must remember that dandruff is not easy to cure. 

Thorns, Splinters, And Stingers

Dogs are often careless when it comes to thorns. Their carelessness isn’t a problem if they stay inside, but you should care about this problem when you have an outside dog. Small punctures that become infected can develop into bad irritation unless handled appropriately.

Dogs will often use their teeth as a form of grooming. Even if they are scratching themselves, they might not mean to cause harm. 

But if the foreign object they pull out is small enough, they may not grasp it well enough to remove it, which often causes them to continue trying and make the whole thing worse than it was before.

Stings are another type of trouble. Many insects will react when they feel threatened and decide to attack the offender using their stinger; take bee as one of the most typical examples that exhibit this habit. In case even the stinger is not left behind, the venom will still appear. 

Because venom causes pain and irritation, you can use a simple home remedy to remove the poison from the wound. Take a little bit of tobacco, wet it with your saliva, make some gooey paste and apply it to where you were stung.

Emotional Issues

Being nervous is also the answer to the question Why Do Dogs Bite Themselves? Dogs tend to chew their fur when they are getting nervous. It seems very similar to people who knock their knees together when they get nervous. 

As pet owners, it’s important to remember that the simplest way a person can approach problem behavior is by understanding what makes an animal behave this way.

Dogs Bite Themselves

Source: Pexels 

Dogs probably gnaw themselves when they get bored. The simple reason is that they don’t have anything else to do. Dogs also chew when they are anxious. Dogs will use chewing as a coping mechanism when they are afraid.

When a dog shows signs of sadness, it might be experiencing some of the same negative emotions that we feel during our most challenging times. Through their actions, dogs give us insights into their feelings and what is going on in their minds. However, we must admit that trying to figure out what exactly goes on in a dog’s head is not such an easy feat to accomplish. 

Dogs Bite Themselves

Source: Pexels 


Why Do Dogs Bite Themselves? We have already got the answer to this question. From now on, you can understand more about your dog’s behavior and know the exact methods to deal with this problem. 

Carefully look after your pet to apply the right strategy and tools to cure it. Because when a dog bites itself too much, it has health problems. The sooner you know how to cure it, the better your dog is. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We are always willing to support you.

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