Why Do Dogs Hump The Air? – Facts For Dog Owners!

Sometimes, dogs will hump things and turn many people away from owning one. Why do dogs hump the air – an object that isn’t even alive?  Well, multiple different specific events can cause your puppy to engage in this behavior. Before you give up on the idea of having a pet around the house, keep reading to find out more about these furry friends!

Why Do Dogs Hump The Air?

Why Do Dogs Hump The Air?

Humping is a term used for dog-on-human sexual activity. The phrase describes the action of one dog mounting another, either male on female or female on male. Neutered and spayed dogs may engage in this action as well.

This action can be a bit embarrassing for owners. You may be thinking why they hump, or sometimes, why do dogs hump the air – while there’s no identified object at all?

Many don’t realize that there are often a few different reasons why your dog may be humping air (or even your furniture, for that matter).

We’ll point out several main causes right below so that you’re prepared if your puppies start to do this.

They’re excited

Many people think humping is sexual behavior, but it stems from pure excitement. The excitement depends on the situation and how your dog views that particular event, activity, or person.

Any situation can set your dog off on a happy journey of kneading or humping when they are happy or excited.

Pure excitement might resemble finding their favorite treat like going on walks or playing with other furry friends they genuinely enjoy being around. It could also result from them being pleased that someone had just brought them their favorite food!

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog acting excited but not in a sexual way? Maybe it’s because they were more simply happy that you were there and had come home. It is a funny reason for “Why do dogs hump the air?” indeed.

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They’re bored

why do female dogs hump the air

Some of them can get bored of doing nothing or find it very hard to express themselves as they are. They were chosen for a job, you know?

Retrievers were meant to retrieve birds; pointers pointed when they saw prey, hounds were meant to track the scent. Nowadays, they don’t have anywhere else to go, nothing better to do, and no one to hang around with – we can relate.

You should provide enough outdoor activities instead of asking, “Why do dogs hump the air?”. Then, your puppies won’t be too bored to engage in any “weird” action that leads to embarrassment.

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Out-of-context behaviors

Displacement behaviors can occur when your puppy is anxious or uncomfortable.

Some of the most common out-of-context actions include mouthing, chewing, barking, licking, and sniffing. Air humping also occurs to help relieve anxiety associated with stimulation or excitement.

Owners can easily recognize these displacement tasks. It is essential to observe what may influence your dog when you notice that they stare at another dog, person, animal, etc.

They’re seeking attention

Dogs love your attention. Sometimes they will do whatever it takes to gain your attention, even if it means acting out a little, like jumping, barking, or even humping. That’s why the owners always wonder why dogs hump the air?

When you’re not giving them the attention they need, they may start misbehaving because they know it will force you to focus on them!

If your dog starts humping the air when you’re busy with other things, don’t give him the attention he is seeking. Instead, try distracting him by calling his name loudly and keeping eye contact with him until he settles down.

If your dog thinks that his air-humping antics make you look at him, he will soon learn that he can do whatever he wants just so long as you pay attention!

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Compulsive behaviors

why does my dog hump the air

They may sometimes develop certain compulsive behaviors when left unchecked for long periods. This is especially true in the cases of male dogs, who might engage so much in humping that they have no other time to do other activities.

So if you think your puppy has developed any strange habit and will not stop doing it even when you try to redirect him to other activities, then give him a check as soon as possible.

It would be best if you considered consulting his vet because the reason he’s not interacting with others is important too. The vet will have experience dealing with such matters!

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They’re in the wrong medical condition

For some, the cause of humping in the air can be related to a skin problem. Allergies cause a dog’s skin to become itchy, which could explain why it is humping in the first place.

What leads to allergies are often certain foods, chemicals, or allergens. Skinfold dermatitis also causes the dog to develop skin irritation that he is trying to soothe, like scrapes and bites.

Before relying on any allergy treatment, though, be sure you know what your furry friend has been exposed to. Only then can you determine if an allergy truly exists. Then, create more ways for your baby not to contact that certain substance.

Why do dogs hump the air? – Bladder stones, urinary infections, or inflammation of the prostate gland may also be responsible for this odd behavior.

Also, what may look like an episode of air humping can be a seizure in some cases. In these situations, the partial affects only one part of the body. It is not as obvious as other seizures, which affect both sides of the body at once.


Why do dogs hump the air? – Several causes lead to this action, but we’ve covered six main reasons above.

Now that you’ve fully understood what affects your furry friends, you can offer them the solution they need. The best way is to consult the vet if their actions go too far.

That’s all you need to know.

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