Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds? – The Causes and Solutions!

After a long strenuous day, you come home with tiredness both in mind and body. What you want is to take a bath, have dinner and then lie down for a long sleep.  When you open the door, your dog is already at the doorstep, wagging its tail as if welcoming, then starts licking its sleeping mattress. This action is nothing new as you see it every day, but today you start to wonder, “Why do dogs lick their beds?”. Is it just a habit, or does this activity have other meanings?

This article will work as a useful source of info and data so that you can find the answer to this question. Let’s go!

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds?

why does my dog lick their beds

Our canine friends love licking, and they can lick almost everything, even the excrement. Even if you don’t get it, they like to lick places they go to a lot, even their own space.

There are a variety of possible explanations for your dog’s excessive bed licking. It is possible to improve your dog’s health and mental well-being by gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying issues.

Therefore, we’ve already listed the possible reasons to help you comprehend this action.

To Get Some Comfort

The first explanation for this concern, “Why do dogs lick their beds?” is because this is his territory.

Licking one’s bed is a kind of territorial marking, similar to animals peeing in certain locations. When your dog first settles down on his bed, you might observe him licking it; this may be an indication that he’s cleaning the area and spreading his fragrance.

And this act doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

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Suffer From OCD Or Anxiety

In the same manner that people cope with their fears, dogs may do the same by constantly licking. Your puppy may have OCD if you see him continually licking the bed, not only when he’s about to go to sleep but also during busy periods.

The first step is to identify the root reason for the anxiety, and the second step may be to prescribe medication.

Excessive bed licking might also be caused by separation anxiety. Regardless of its age, our furry friend can be a victim of that during its life.

If your dog starts licking around its lovely bed whenever you leave or are getting ready for an excursion, separation anxiety can be the culprit. He does that because it releases Endorphins and can soothe dogs and calm them down.


Another thing to think about is old age. Dementia is one of several ailments that dogs’ brains develop as they age, just as humans do.

Besides licking frantically around its sleeping place, your canine will be slumbery, disobedient, sluggish, and uncontrollable when it comes to reaction and behavior, respectively.

If your pooch is still a puppy, he may be picking up bad habits from the rest of the litter. Licking may be a means of establishing a link with you or another dog as they get older, and puppies do it when they’re hungry.

To show that they are acquainted, dogs may lick us as a way of saying hello or to reinforce their friendship with us.

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Hidden Gems In The Sleeping Place

It is common for dogs to conceal treats or food somewhere around their laying down places or bring their yummy foods to their beds and eat from them.

If this activity doesn’t concern you, don’t have to worry about it. If you’re bothered by the scent, you may easily remove the snacks and cleanse the bed. The best place to feed your little cutie pup is not on its bed. It will not link the sleeping place with munching if this is done.


why does my dog lick his beds

Another answer for this question, “Why do dogs lick their beds?” is stress.

When dogs are agitated, they groom themselves excessively. Licking may benefit some canines as a calming therapy for human owners. Unlike their rambunctious puppy predecessors, older dogs are more sensitive to noise and activity surrounding them.

Assist your elderly furry friend if you see this by soothing the surroundings. It might be urging your kids to play outdoors or turning the volume down of your speaker.

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Affected By Weather

When pups are affected by the weather, especially a little queasy, they may begin drooling, licking, and gnawing. Your dog’s diet may have recently altered, or it may be less enjoying foods it used to devour eagerly.

All of these might be indicators of old age coming up, and it could start licking things (particularly its bed) after a meal. Observe your little buddy, as it will help you identify the source and establish whether there is something to be concerned about.

The Crave For The Owner’s Love

Canines are group animals, and this influences a lot of their behavior. Intense cleaning, like licking, denotes submission, nervousness, stress, or unhappiness.

If you observe your elderly buddy licking its bed like crazy, he might be craving for mother hugs, or he may be irritated. Let him feel some affection from you, and your little cutie will calm down and be happier.

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What Can We Do To Treat Dogs With Licking Disorder?

What Can We Do To Treat Dogs With Licking Disorder

Now that we know the reasons for “Why do dogs lick their beds?”, what can we do? Keep following our article to find out!

Take Good Care Of Your Dogs

If some of these characteristics are present, you may assist your pet by providing him with many different chewy toys. To minimize boredom and anxiety, give him lots of time, care, and workouts.

Playing with him might assist you in overcoming some of his negative behaviors. If you must take action, do it gradually and give him time to acclimate. Make sure he has adequate food and relaxation.

Bring It To The Vet

If your pet’s licking habit is out of control, consider bringing him to the vet for proper treatment.

Aside from boredom or anxiousness, it might be more serious. Your pup may lick his bed to obtain some comfort from an underlying illness, like gastrointestinal issues.

Therefore, let the vet check thoroughly to ensure that nothing wrong happens with your dog.


Your concern of “Why do dogs lick their beds?” finally has the answer after we scrolled till the end of this article.

If your canine sometimes licks its sleeping mattress, it’s just a sign that he munches some snacks under the mattress, needs some hugs or love, or comforts his place before laying down.

However, if he keeps repeating this act in high frequency and even a bit out of control, bring them to the vet and let him be checked thoroughly.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you get a lot of useful info from this article.

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