Why Do Dogs Pant In The Car? How To Deal With It?

"Why do dogs pant in the car?" If so, check out this article right now to clear your queries!

It is not uncommon for those who love dogs to see them panting in the car. But "Why do dogs pant in the car?" And what steps can we take to help them? 

This article looks at why dogs pant in the car and how to deal with it. Let's get right into this post to discover now! Read on!

Why Do Dogs Pant In The Car?

Many dog owners wonder why their pets pant heavily when they get into the car from a walk or on a ride, as if they are stressed or feeling anxious.

However, canines pant heavily for many different reasons than just being tired. 

Hot temperature

For reasons not entirely understood by scientists, a dog panting happens more frequently when it's exposed to very hot temperatures. Sometimes the dog will release excess body heat by panting, which may be due to excitement, anxiety, stress, or other reasons.


Panting may also indicate that your pet is experiencing some stress. You may be surprised to see this is one of the common reasons “Why do dogs pant in the car?” If your beloved dogs are panting excessively, it's due to their rate of breathing being raised above what is normal for them. 

Make sure to give them access to fresh and clean water regularly because pets can experience dehydration, among other things. 

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When your pet also becomes excited to see you when you come home, they're likely to bark or howl; this is what we humans define as panting in animals. 

When dogs get into the car with their owners after a nice long walk, they might be excited and happy to see them. Some dogs may also feel anxious about traveling by car because it is unknown to them. 

It means there are no boundaries set for how they should act in this situation - which can lead to undesirable behaviors in your pet that you don't want at all.

Unfamiliar environment

When pets travel in a car for the first time, it's usually with their owners. However, the unfamiliar environment combined with the idea that there is no escace can make some dogs anxious. This factor can be the cause of “Why do dogs pant in the car?” as well.

Panting could indicate breathlessness and confusion because these emotions can make it hard to get enough oxygen.

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What Can You Do To Make Your Dog's Panting Less?

So, there are several reasons to “Why do dogs pant in the car?” Your dog's panting could mean several things, but it is most likely a symptom of a larger problem. 

If your puppy is healthy and eats regularly, panting could indicate stress or anxiety. Panting can stem from the need to cool down, but in some cases, the cause could be something much more serious, like the presence of an illness or issue with their heart rate. 

These are just some factors to consider when trying to understand what might be leading to this condition. 

A critical aspect of improving your dog's well-being is necessary if you are concerned about preventing panting in the first place. You'll have to figure out the main reason behind it by:

  1. Keep an eye on your pet's emotions

Similar to humans, dogs have very powerful emotions that affect their overall well-being. This makes it important to be aware of what they feel and the extent of how they feel thanks to responses like excessive panting, scratching, pacing, and even coughing. 
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  1. Maintain your dog's health

Regular visits to your veterinarian are important for older dogs or pets in general. Adults fret over their food, so make sure to keep them on their feet with a healthy diet and firm exercise routine. 

  1. Don't play too much

It's important not to exhaust your dog from too much training, playing, and walking. These activities are good for your dog but could be dangerous if taken to the extreme. 

Ensure your dog stays hydrated after exercise, playing, and training by offering fresh, clean water. This will ensure that you're giving them fresh drinking water regularly and therefore help you to avoid any problems later down the line.

Panting is an indication of your dog's well-being and overall health.

Suppose you can identify the different panting characteristics based on specific circumstances(happy, anxious, or in pain). In that case, you will be able to determine whether or not your dog is healthy, happy, or needs to see a vet!

Secrets On How To Reduce Your Dog From Panting Too Much In Car

Now that we know all about “Why do dogs pant in the car?”, let’s find out the solution on how to prevent panting in your lovely pet!

Check the temperature

Before you take your dog out for a walk, leave it inside the car or let it stay alone in your home for a large amount of time. 

Make sure that you check the temperature and the weather. It's best not to leave your dog inside your car because as sad as it sounds, it can die. That's right; your precious pet can drop dead from being left alone in the heat.

Check your dog’s health

Owning a pet is like having a child in the house. 

As a pet owner, it's important to check your dog's health now and then to spot any possible threats early on. If you notice that your dog can barely breathe during exercise or panting excessively most of the time, this may be because they have a serious issue going on or are in pain.

Let him stay hydrated

Always remember to keep fresh and clean water around for your dog, so it doesn't dehydrate! Dogs are always running around and using up a lot of energy, even during the night, so make sure to fill up their water bowl before heading to bed. 

If you're planning on going out first thing in the morning or when you get back home at night, be sure to bring your pet a clean dish with freshwater that's just right for its size.

Final Thoughts

Panting in a car is normal behavior for dogs. However, it does not mean you close your eyes to it. Understanding dog panting will help you take good care of your pet and make them feel comfortable whenever they're out on a long ride. 

We hope you enjoyed our article "Why do dogs pant in the car?" With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your time in the car with your dog and not have to worry too much about the panting. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your car keys and take your dog for a ride!

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