Why Do Dogs Scratch Before Lying Down? - Answers And Tips!

If you are wondering about "Why do dogs scratch before lying down?" The detailed answer will be right in this article!

If you have a doggie, you will certainly encounter actions such as scratching chairs, carpets, floors, and even scratching before lying down.

Have you ever thought about "Why do dogs scratch before lying down?"? Does this action mean anything? The answer will be right in our explanation. Read on to discover!

Answer: Why Do Dogs Scratch Before Lying Down?

Although the domesticated doggie is a lovable and human-friendly animal, their instinct to scratch or dig is still present.

They are animals and cannot talk, so it is unknown if their actions convey or suggest a problem. If you wonder, "Why do dogs scratch before lying down?" then the explanations right below will help you with detailed answers! 

Chase away small creatures

Nowadays, canines are tamed and have become lovely pets. Moreover, they also have a complete habitat such as delicious food, cuddles, separate beds, toys, and more, but their wild instincts still exist deep inside.

In the past (before domestication), dogs often slept in the wild, and there were many other creatures present. They generate the instinct to scrape from this condition to drive all other creatures away from their sleeping place. 

Today, this action still exists in them, and you will easily see any dog ​​doing this. 

Create the most comfortable place to lie down

In the past, canines often had to sleep/lie on various surfaces such as gravel, grassland, dirt, sand, and more. From this case, they have to turn around or scrape many times to create the most comfortable, flat, and smooth place for themselves.

In addition, this action also helps them to disperse objects other than rocks, small trees, or other small objects out of their place. 

Why do dogs scratch before lying down? - Dog bed

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Keep warm or cool

One of the reasons "Why do dogs scratch before lying down?" is that they try to keep themselves warm or cool. Before becoming a well-groomed pet, they often live in hot summer or cold winter environments.

To be more comfortable in hot environments, they may seek the cool ground to scratch or dig to create a bed where they feel coolest. In contrast, canines can dig a bed of a certain depth to keep them moist in cold weather.

Mark the territory

In addition to repelling other creatures, creating a comfortable sleeping place, and cooling/warming, scratching also helps them mark their territory. 

Specifically, each dog's feet have their unique smell and sweat glands, so scratching combined with a specific smell will make it easier for them to mark their territory. 

Gradually, this action becomes an indispensable element for every dog because it is a way for them to know that the place is right for them. 

What Should Be Done To Help Doggies Reduce Scratching?

The reasons for "Why do dogs scratch before lying down?" almost relate to their old wild instincts. Although canines are domesticated and cared for by humans, scratching still exists.

Often these actions will damage many objects in your home, such as tearing the carpet, scratching the floor, or the chair. To minimize this situation, you can take advantage of many methods such as:

  • Provide a comfortable sleeping mat or mattress for your dog.
  • Buy them a scratching pad to entertain and satisfy their scratching habits.
  • Equip insect repellent devices. 

Why do dogs scratch before lying down? - Dog sleeping on dog bed

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Related Common Questions

Next to the most common question is, "Why do dogs scratch before lying down?” is a series of other related questions. Discover right below!

What Does The Puppy Scratching The Bed Means?

Derived from the instinct of canines, they often tend to scrape their bed to mark their territory. With the help of specific scent glands in the feet, they can scrape anywhere they want to save that scent on that object. All we can see is a tattered sleeping mat, but they can easily smell its bed. 

Why Do Canines Often Scratch With Their Hind Legs?

Generally, animals of the canine family tend to use their hind legs for scratching and digging. Usually, they do this because of their survival instinct and the purpose of marking their territory.

Dogs will easily recognize their position or territory through a special scent (pheromones) on their feet that they secrete and cling to when they scrape other objects. 

Why do dogs scratch before lying down? - Dog paw luck foot

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Why Does My Dog Often Scrape The Couch?

Canines are animals with a keen sense of smell, and they can easily smell many scents around. In particular, areas where we often live like couches will attract them. 

Specifically, we often sit on the couch sipping a snack or something and watching a few episodes, but tiny pieces of food can fall on the chair. In this case, we usually cannot see with the naked eye, but your dog can smell it.

When they smell something, they will often try to dig to find and discover. This problem could be one reason dog ants often attack your couch. On the other hand, doggies also often dig up the couch to find a sleeping place where they feel most comfortable and satisfied.

What Causes My Dog To Spin Around Before Lying Down?

It is common for dogs to be self-protective by digging or circling the area they intend to lie down. In addition, spinning is also a way for them to observe and create the safest sleeping place away from other small objects.

Although dogs have been domesticated and cared for by humans, this nature still exists within them, and you will often see them performing these actions.

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All the details above will be great answers to the question "Why do dogs scratch before lying down?". If you are a dog lover, learning about them is extremely important. Surely after this article, you can confidently take care of and understand more about your pet's actions.

If you are interested in these answers, you can refer to our related topics. Hope this knowledge is useful to you!

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