Why Do Dogs Shake Their Fur? - All You Need To Know!

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They can interpret body language better than humans do. People use verbal language to respond more than body language, while these animals are the opposite. However, this action often makes us scratch our heads and wonder, "Why do dogs shake their fur?". 
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Why Do Dogs Shake Their Fur?
To get rid of water
Most people also find a simple reason why a dog shakes its body, that is to remove the excess water on its fur. However, which makes it scroll its coat?
The rinse cycle of dogs is known for an innate instinct, so they don't need to learn any course to excel in it. This action is adaptive and positively impacts reproductive success or animal survival.
In a high humidity environment, wet fur potentially causes hypothermia because it is difficult to dry itself. Furry animals may use similar mechanisms such as shivering to dry effectively in short times.
This fast doggy rinse mechanism allows them to save energy because generating heat and wearing heavy fur can help their coats evaporate quickly, which is rather consuming according to the energetic standpoint. 
This is the most popular reason for answering: “Why do dogs shake their fur?”

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To get rid of debris
The following scene is certainly not too strange for you. Your dog usually stretches after waking up, then takes some steps, slows down, and starts shaking the body from head to tail. Finally, it comes back to its usual activities. So, why does this furry animal scroll its fur after taking a nap?
This behavior doesn't mean removing excess water on the dog's coat, but its focus is to eliminate any debris clinging to the fur during sleeping.

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Before taking a nap on couches or sofas, dogs' sleeping places encompassed dirt, grass, or others like that. Therefore, shaking the body after lying down is a dog's instinct to get rid of any awns, dust, dirt, or debris from its fur.
To remove irritation
These animals can't scratch all the parts on their whole body because they can not reach some places, which is one of the reasons for “Why do dogs shake their fur?”, as to remove all the amiss sensation on their fur.
You can find this kind of body scroll in these animals when groomed because this behavior often upset their owners, who have attempted to create fancy hairdos.
The hair follicles of this animal are connected with nerves, which are in charge of sending sensory information to its brain so that the fur is shaking in case something wrong happens. This process can occur depending on different scenarios.
There are many other triggers for body shaking of this kind of animal as follow:
Itchy ears
Pesky parasites
Skin irritations
You cannot find the exact culprit for your dogs, so please consult the nearest vet as quickly as possible if they shake their fur or heads repeatedly.
A famous veterinarian, Rick Huneke, suggests that these animals may have something bothersome, for example, bad teeth or even ear infections.
Other Reasons For Why Do Dogs Shake Their Fur
There may be more severe answers to the question “Why do dogs shake their fur?”
There are many factors causing tremors in your dogs that you can not know, maybe sometimes because of not good health conditions:
Head tremors
Trauma or injury
Heart diseases
Kidney failure
Immune diseases
Generalized Tremor Syndrome
Lesions of the spinal cord
Exposure toxins or medication
Nervous system diseases
Seizure disorders
Canine Distemper
Full anal sacs
Addison’s disease
Except for distress and pain, inflammation, trauma or infection may be listed as some of typical causes that make these animals tremble.
These creatures often choose to tolerate their pain rather than express it. The exclusively noticeable symptom is their body tremors.

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When To Visit A Vet To Solve Why Do Dogs Shake Their Fur?
We highly recommend bringing your dogs to visit the nearest vet in an emergency if they start shaking continuously after eating something.
Additionally, sweating and shivering can be the signs of several serious diseases, for example: 
Kidney failure
Therefore, you need to be mindful if there is one of the following symptoms appearing:
Although most signs above seem relatively harmless, the best way is to contact the vet to know why the dogs are shaking. They will identify which reason makes your dog shiver, which can help you uncover something abnormal to your dog soon.

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What Is The Treatment?
Try to analyze your dogs' condition before visiting the veterinarian. Remember to keep them warm when they are shaking. 
They should be brought to a vet if there can be physical symptoms accompanied like:
Discharge from the nose or eyes
Leaked urine
When a disease source is detected, they need careful treatment to decrease pain. For instance, the vet can adjust the suitable dosage or use alternative medications if the side effect of the prescription is too strong.
Dogs often shake their bodies to dry off, keep clean, or release tension, but sometimes as a warning sign of not bad health like an ear infection or skin irritation. The dry shaking mechanism is an amazing adaptation to survive.
A dog that gets wet in cold weather can lose energy fast or even get hypothermia without shaking. Sometimes this behavior is simply a reflexive reaction to something wrong happening to dogs.
Hopefully, you can find the "Why Do Dogs Shake Their Fur?" article insightful and informative! Don't forget to stay tuned to our next article!
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