Why Do Dogs Sit On You - What You Need To Know?

When you have your pet, you may wonder, "Why do dogs sit on you?". Here, we'll break down some reasons.

"Why do dogs sit on you?" This question usually comes from people who happen to own a dog. Whether they have a more comfortable place to rest, they still choose to stick with you.
We will explain some reasons to understand more about your pet in this article. Let's read on!

Why Do Dogs Sit On You? - 7 Reasons Why


Ever wondered, "Why do dogs sit on you?" Well, pets sitting on their owners tend to be normal. It can happen for a few different reasons, and so many of us do not know what it truly means.

While your dog may be trying to assert his dominance over you, there are also other reasons that your dog might sit on your lap. For example, sometimes dogs will nudge or sit in their owner's laps as a form of comfort or affection.

Feel more confident and dominant

Why do dogs sit on you? Is it for their safety? Sometimes, dogs will show signs of dominance amongst their canine species by asserting themselves in various ways. 

However, in your dog's case, precariously perching on his master's lap could be a sign that he is upstaging another dog in the hierarchy and wants to gain high ground!

Your dog might act this way if there's a new dog at home. Your pet treats the environment he lives in as his own and will defend it fiercely if anyone threatens it. 

Since your house is his kingdom, he views strange dogs as invaders that must be stopped at all costs.

There are several myths out there regarding why dogs sit on their humans. The most popular being that they're attempting to assert their dominance over you.

The saying that dogs love being part of a pack isn't right. They aren't content with being at the bottom of the pyramid, though. 

It's more important for dogs to get along well with their pack leader (who they will see as a kind of Protector).

As your pup's alpha, it is your responsibility to ensure he gets exercise, lots of love, and plenty of snacks. 

Doing so will keep him happy and teach him to obey you as a leader because that's what alphas do - they give orders and have the power to make decisions in your household. 

Responsible pet caretakers always know where their animals are at all times!


Dogs, as loyal as they can be, get worked up when they hear a commotion in the middle of the night, which is why most pet owners keep security measures like motion-sensor lighting outside for their furry friends.

When a dog guards us, they're protecting us from dangerous people or things. Everything is safe with it, watching over your home and family. In addition to protecting you from napping intruders, your dog will mark you as theirs with their territorial scent.

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Why do dogs sit on you, especially on your lap? It is normal for them to roll around in the grass with you or walk across your lap and sniff the scents on your clothes.

They're trying to mark you, so other dogs know that their pack accepts you. Dogs are animals who show their affection through play and by licking.

Catch your attention

Pets are frequently not bashful when it comes to demanding attention, and they usually have one go-to spot they know will give them the contact or attention they're looking for - your lap.

When you come home from a long day at work, your dog wants to greet you, but she also wants to play. It is because she missed you throughout the day while she was alone in your home. Small dogs with separation anxiety are the same way and need a little extra time for affection.  Dogs suffer from depression and anxiety just like people do.


Tzu dogs are small and cute, with a great disposition for cuddles. Such as the Maltese and Bichon Frise. Great Danes and Pit Bulls are great lap dogs! It is because of the shared trait that makes all dogs irresistible to children.

Humans tamed dogs centuries ago and began modifying their DNA to make them better caregivers and protectors. Training your dog to stop squishing your children can be hard, but with a reward-based approach, it can be done!

It may be found in his DNA, but it's a trait you can control by trying to understand where your dog got it from and how he learned certain things.

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Why do dogs sit on you for relaxation? Well, many dogs will jump into their owners' laps and sigh contentedly when left alone for long periods. 

They perceive their owner as a sort of "nest box", a familiar place to feel safe from predators or other threats. 
Believe it or not, this is a form of psychological security most humans provide for their pets every day.

When you are finally safe and home for an extended time, or if you had to leave him for work and travel a lot, your cat misses you terribly. 

He trusts that someone will be around when he sleeps, but he always knows you have left.
Although your dog is domesticated, he will still appreciate the occasional chance to be part of a pack. 

The comfort and extra warmth that a larger dog bed can offer him might be the perfect environment to get him some restful sleep.


Dogs are notorious for sitting on people's laps. Sometimes they might want you to move over since they need more room; other times, they may be asking you to play a game of musical chairs.

In the end, your dog loves and respects you enough to show it in his unique way. It could be by initiating some snuggles, or with a lick or even a wag of his tail. 

Dogs know when their masters need company and affection, and it wouldn't be the same without them because no one else would want to play dinosaurs all day!

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Dogs make awesome pets. Their loving and charismatic nature is the best way to brighten up the day, and they have an uncanny ability to sense when you need their company! 

You may have the key for your question, "Why do dogs sit on you?" and start to figure out what your pets want.

Thank you for reading our article, and have a good weekend with your pets!

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