Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You? - Solved!

Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you? Is that good or not for both? Discover more in the article below!

Dogs are loyal pets and best friends of humans. Many owners keep this animal in the house and allow their pets to sleep in the same bed.

However, surely you have also wondered: "Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?". Follow the article to learn more about why they have such a sleeping habit and how to help you change that!

Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?

Feel comfortable

What makes them comfortable is not the butt facing you but the feeling behind them. Your puppies need to rest comfortably but can not avoid being attacked or accidentally harmed.

Having an owner behind helps them take a nap better, and they feel protected. The deeper your connection to them is, the more you can feel this and the deeper rest they have, too.
Believe in you

Your pets will have a special bond with their owners when treated well. Thereby, when they are with you, they feel completely safe and trusted. They are also not afraid to show their weaknesses and let their guard down against you.

When your puppy naps like that, it completely trusts you. At the same time, it also shows you its loyalty and will protect you with all its might.

Protect you and themself

Protection is a dog's instinct for its owner. They are loyal and highly protective pets. Thanks to hearing and smelling strange odors from a distance, they will raise their alertness and protect their owners even while sleeping.

In addition, they will feel secure with you behind their back, as noted above. And your pets are only focused on protecting you and themselves in the front. The same is true when they often lie down to play or rest with their back to you.

What a lovely reason to find out “Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?”, right?

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Avoid eye contact

For dogs, staring at someone is naturally aggressive or threatening. They also often adore their owners as the leader of the pack. When they sleep with their backs to you, it means that they avoid eye contact with their owners and show respect for you.

Make you satisfied

This animal often learns very quickly through the act of mastering. It will judge what makes you happy, unhappy, or even angry and adjust its behavior in a positive direction.

Likewise, you may be cheerful when you pat or rub their bottom, and they can feel it. Therefore, when your puppies turn their butt towards you, it also means that they are trying to make you happy.

Be tired

Just like us, after a long tiring day, this pet will want to rest to restore its strength. It is a common reason for “Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?” 

However, they also have many rest worries, such as fear of being harmed or their coat being stepped on, especially with long-haired dogs.

Therefore, they will often lie down to help their bodies relax and turn their buttocks towards you to get the best rest. It may imply that you will keep an eye on them during their nap.

Tip To Stop Your Loyal Pet From Napping With Their Bum Facing You

Your pet may have times to let you help them rest better, like scratching their stomach/back or turning their butt towards you. Even though you understand the question: "Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?" you may hate this posture. Then, you can train them in the other one.

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Crate training

Sleeping in the cage will help them feel more comfortable, as this is their territory. This pet may have some limitations like turning their head or around; however, they will still have a good night's repose.

To prevent them from turning their butt towards you, have them secure the front bed and rotate the cage in the direction you want. Over time, this animal will learn new snoozing habits and still have a deep rest.

Hire an animal behaviorist

If your dog is not cooperating, you can consult a pet trainer. They will analyze their actions and habits to have a more effective training method.

The experts will help your pet feel comfortable even when napping in a cage or having to live in a cage for a long time. Then it can change the habit of turning its butt to the owner's face.

Positive reinforcement

This training method will take a long time to get your pet to change its habit completely. You should train it to doze in a specific position or posture with rewards and encouragement. Over time, this intelligent animal will learn how to please its owner by changing resting habits.

Related Questions About "Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?"

Is This Habit Good Or Not?

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This habit helps your dog feel safe, comfortable, and close to its owner. However, many people will feel uncomfortable because of the roughness it brings, especially when your dog is large.

Veterinarians also recommend against letting your pet rest with their bottom facing their face for hygiene reasons. Even with good care, your puppies still have parasites and can cause allergies. If you inhale or touch them, they can affect your health. Therefore, you should let your pet sleep in a cage or separately outside your room.

What Does It Mean If The Dog Does Not Sleep This Way?

Not all dogs have such sleeping habits, even if they are extremely close to you. And this does not affect them at all.

If your pet has had such a habit and suddenly changes, it could be due to other factors. For example, the weather (too hot or too cold), bedsheets, floors or carpets changed, etc. Also, maybe the posture at that time helps them feel more comfortable.

Even though they are animals, the dog also has intuition, just like humans. Sometimes you will find them distant from you; other times, they will feel extremely close. If the symptoms above are only for a short time, there is nothing to worry about, but you can consult your veterinarian or pet trainer if they persist.

What Ways Can You Help Your Dog Sleep Better?

When you increase your pet's stimulation, they will repose a better night. Especially dogs, who are active and always love outdoor activities. Therefore, you can take them for a walk, jog, frisbee, swim, etc., to help them burn off excess energy.

Besides, you should also limit them to napping a lot in the afternoon to avoid insomnia in the evening.

If your dog becomes unusually hyperactive, you should seek the advice of your veterinarian or a pet trainer.

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So the question: "Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?" got the answer. Your pet does this because they feel trustful, safe, and comfortable around their owners. And it does not matter if your puppy does not have a habit like that.

You should train them to rest in a cage or change this to protect your health. Besides, letting your pets exercise more will help them doze better at night.

Hopefully, this article provides you with a better understanding of your pet, the most intelligent and loyal animal.

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