Why Do My Dogs Lick Each Others Private Areas - Is It Safe?

Why do my dogs lick each others private areas? This is a common behavior and is considered normal. Read more here!

Have you ever witnessed a dog suddenly start licking its private parts in a public place? I'm sure you have. This isn't the tidiest of habits, but the good news is - it's temporary.

So why do my dogs lick each others private areas? This blog will help you understand the licking problem in a better way and help you deal with it. Let's see!

Why Do My Dogs Lick Each Others Private Areas?

A reasonable amount of licking is considered acceptable grooming activity for your furry friend. A female or male dog, for example, may lick the genital region after peeing to clean it. 

The licking in this situation is for excretion only and not persistent. Also, this behavior gives you a full picture of your dog's lifestyle and how it treats its body.

On the other hand, why do my dogs lick each others private areas, and what was the true motive behind that? A pup licking the private region of another canine can be a sign of dominance. Neither type of licking (normal or weird) appears to harm the pup being licked.

When dogs meet other canines for the first time, they sniff each other's butts and may lick. The same goes for felines. So why do my dogs lick each others private areas? Their primary method of communication is through smell. 

Most canines might not enjoy being licked by other canines. However, this doesn’t stop some pups from this behavior.

Besides, it’s completely normal for pups to clean their butts. If they pooped on some runny or gooey stuff that makes their rear end sticky, they might need to clean themselves up.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Licks Other Puppys Too Much?

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Ignoring your furry friend when it's nagging another dog is the best thing to do. Do not think about stopping this behavior. Otherwise, you will be reprimanding your pet and causing it unnecessary anxiety. 

If your pup repeatedly checks up on other pups, do not punish him, but at the same time, make sure the other dog does not appear to be scared or agitated.

You don’t beat a pup for touching someone’s private parts. When we teach this behavior is wrong, we will teach them that some body parts are bad to touch. 

What Causes Licking-Related Signs?

Many medical causes cause a pet to lick the genital or anal areas repeatedly. Here is a handful of the most prevalent issues why do my dogs lick each others private areas: 

Urinary Tract Infection or Bladder Crystals/Stones

Dogs may feel the need to relieve themselves frequently yet produce very little urine. They tend to lick their private areas more, and you may see crystals or stones forming suddenly. That pup is suffering from a bladder infection! 


Both food and environmental allergies can cause genital itching. Food allergies can occur year-round, regardless of what plants & trees are pollinating at the time. Environmental allergies can be seasonal. 

Avoiding the allergen can be difficult but possible. Exercise your pet early in the morning and late at night when there are fewer allergens in the air - such as dew on the ground early in the day or after it rains.

After going outdoors, make sure to wipe his feet down to clean away any remaining pollen. It won't do much, but it'll help reduce their pollen count, which will lessen his exposure.

Anal Gland Impaction

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The glands in dogs' behinds produce a stinky fluid when they poop. The rectal muscles contract during bowel movements to push the fluid out. 

If the fluid gets too thick to pass through the lower colon, it can impact. Severe infections can result in abscesses that rupture into regions around the anal. 

When a pet's behind begins to swell, the secretions make it burn or itch, so they lick and bite at the infected area. Whenever your pet continually licks at its bottom - you know it's been impacted!

All gland problems, including enlargement or a rupture, are best resolved with regular and thorough cleaning by a qualified technician. So make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Is It Necessary To Wash Your Furry Friend's Private Area?

No. Your dog's privates are their concern. You mustn't clean them out because you can injure them or cause other health issues.

Cleaning your pet's privacy means washing your hands. You want to get rid of germs when you wash your hands. As a result, you wash your hands to protect yourself from pathogens. Similarly, the dog's privates require germ protection.

You'll run the risk of exposing your furry friend to potentially harmful infections if you clean their genitals. If your pet becomes ill due to such exposure, you run the risk of catching whatever has gotten into your pet too. 

Furthermore, several pups might experience issues with sensitive skin when being bathed in this area. It may result in hair loss and irritation. Therefore, you should never clean your pup's genital. Instead, it would be preferable if you looked after it.

How Can I Stop My Furry Friend From Licking Other Dogs' Private Parts?

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Every circumstance is different. If your pup continues to lick other dogs, here are some tips for keeping it from doing so.

First and foremost, you should provide lots of exercise for your pet. Exercise is critical for your dog's health.

Second, educate your pet on appropriate public behavior. For instance, You should educate your furry friend to sit when it sees someone else sitting.

Third, teach your pet to avoid specific circumstances. For example, you should train your puppy not to touch the private parts of other canines.

Fourth, keep your pet separate from other dogs. If you cannot control your furry friend, it should not meet other animals.

Finally, if feasible, provide positive reinforcement. This will motivate your furry friend to act properly.

Furthermore, tidy up after your dog's bowel motions. Remember that cleaning up after them reduces the chances of being ill. 

Again, never punish your furry friend for licking other canines. Punishments are merely likely to inflame the behavior.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are members of our families, so it’s important to learn more about pup behavior, especially when it comes to them interacting with you and other canines. 

We hope you liked reading this article on why do my dogs lick each others private areas. If you have problems regarding this topic or care for your pet, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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